Julieth Hernandez Julio

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 27
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 8/23/21 for Extension

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello dear family

My name is Julieth Hernandez Julio I am 26 years old, I live with my mom, a brother and two sisters.

I started working as a nurse in August 2015 in a health institution with pregnant women, there was prenatal control, patients went every month to monitor the health of the pregnant woman and the growth and development of the baby. Then in 2017 I started working in an institution where I am currently, here I am coordinator of the general medical consultation service. In addition there I have daily contact with many people especially with children, where my job is to verify that they have adequate growth and development according to their age, nutritional status and that there are no signs of abuse. In the trajectory of my profession, I have taken many courses such as child malnutrition, mental health, prenatal control, among others.

I like to dance a lot, I also like to listen to music and in some occasions go out with my colleagues in the church to do activities such as sharing the people of God's love and recreating a bit, playing soccer or volleyball.

My experience with children is a bit wide ranging from the newborn child to ages of 8 or 10 years old, I am able to bathe them, feed them, take them to sleep, help them with their homework and above all give them a lot of love. At home I can do organizational work, it is important to have a clean environment, I am also able to cook.

I think that in childhood it is at the stage where the character of a child is based, so it must be surrounded by much love, acceptance, approval and tenderness; that they feel that they are important and valued by an adult, that is what I always try to do when being with a child, regardless of whether he is in my care or not.

I want to be an au pair because it is an invaluable opportunity where in addition to being able to learn a new language, meet new cultures and many people from all over the world I will have an economic remuneration, doing something very useful as it is to take care of children this is a work that It requires a lot of responsibility and I am willing to assume it. At the end of the program, I will be able to return to my country and I know that having learned a new language gives me the possibility of opening many doors.

I appreciate your interest in my profile and I hope you give me the opportunity to start this adventure together.

With love


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