Karilyn Cabarcas Morron

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/13/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family

My name is Karilyn Cabarcas, I’m 25 years old, I’m from the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. I live with my family that is made up of my dad, my mom, my older sister who has a seven-month-old baby, my younger sister, and my grandmother. I feel very proud of the beautiful home I come from, a very close family, where we support each other, are happy, devoted to God, and quite loving, full of values such as responsibility, honesty, trust but above all of a lot of love and understanding.

I’m a homegirl, I enjoy spending time at home with my family, reading, watching series, movies, and sports but I also love doing outdoor activities, going for a walk, meeting, and exploring new places, one of my favorite activities is going to the sea. I have always liked to dance and everything related to music since I come from a paternal family with a musical vein, my father is a singer, my grandfather played the clarinet, one of my uncles played the trombone, another of them the euphonium, and my great-grandfather, the trumpet. Together they had a folk music band called "La 20 de Julio". A few years ago I learned to play the Tambora, an instrument native to our Caribbean region. I like to do physical activity more than anything at home. One of my best skills is cooking, I’m very good at preparing different recipes and foods and it is one of the activities that we most enjoy doing as a family.
I’m a professional in Nutrition and Dietetics, I degree last year in February. During my time at university, perform professional practices for school children, which were attended from the first year to five years located in one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods of my city. Through games, songs, activities, food, and lots of love, I was able to provide a little nutritional education to all of them.

After graduating I was working for seven months to a program of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute where I was in charge of children from six months up to five years and the main task was to ensure their nutrition and proper growth and development in some cases should perform nutritional recovery because it was in a vulnerable population and scarce resources, as well should provide care full to all members of the family, to pregnant women and lactating mothers.

My professional career has been of great help to my family, helping them lead an excellent healthy lifestyle and for my older sister, guiding her about breastfeeding and the correct way to start complementary feeding with my nephew. Having my nephew at home has been a wonderful experience, being able to interact with him from his first day and all these months of life until today. I like to spend a lot of time with him, to feed him, play, bathe him, dress him and take him for a walk. I have the blessing and the gift of coming from a very large and united family so I have also been able to enjoy sharing, playing, and watching my cousins and cousins grow.

I would like to carry out this exchange because I have always wanted and liked to know the American culture and increase my skills in the language, visit new places and see new experiences, it would be an excellent opportunity for my personal growth and maturity, as well as applying and providing my knowledge, as well as knowing my beautiful culture.

It has been a pleasure that you have known a little about me, a big hug and I hope to hear from you soon.

With love,


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