Keit De La Hoz Munoz

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/25/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear future host family,
My name is Keit De la hoz, I’m 23 years old. I come from a small city of Colombia called Barranquilla located in the coast. It is very recognized because of its traditions, happy people and of course festivals, such as El Carnaval. This is the city that saw me grow. I consider myself as a responsible person with a lot of commitment with every thing I do always giving my 100% I’m honest, tolerant, patient affectionate, mature, proactive, collaborative and creative; things that I learned at home such as my manners which are all thanks to my family.
I used to live with my mother, sister and two Beagle dogs named Lucas and Nico which we love a lot. Right now I am living with a large family of 7 members, and I take care of 5 kids (a baby of 1.5 years, a 2.5 years old girl, 4 year old boy, 7 years old girl and a boy of 9 years old) I am currently in rematch with them since it’s being hard for me to have so many kids by myself when the parents are not at home. I’ve had a great relation with them and they can tell I love the kids and they love me too and enjoy playing with me. I am willing to join a new family with up to 3 kids and give my all to be the best au pair for them! Regarding my education, I graduated from International business and finance in 2020 which I also complemented with a technical course on sales that I did some years ago, as well as a 6 semester course I did to learn English and know better the language. During these months in the country I’ve improved my English and I consider a have a great level right now but hope to keep learning more and more!

Regarding my personal likes, I enjoy doing picnics and playing with my dogs in the park. Beside that I like to hang out with my friends, going to parties, dance, spending time with my relatives and cousins who come often to my house. I like going to the beach, watching movies and series, learning new things, running and riding a bike. I like to play volley ball and tennis just for fun. I love cooking special plates for the ones I love, and hope to delight you some day when we live together.
I decided to apply to be an Au Pair in the US, mainly because living abroad has been one of my biggest dreams since I was younger, and I have a profile that meets the program requirements such as English Knowledge, experience with kids whom I honestly get along pretty well taking out the kid that lives inside of me when playing, while having the old responsable lady soul that lives inside of me too as my friends say. While in Colombia I use to take care of a 5 years old kid working part time some days of the week, and also some years ago when I was at a childcare setting doing creative activities such as handcrafts, tutoring kids about basic subjects, playing and doing classwork. Same thing I’ve done with the many kids on my family, occasionally helping with their care doing similar activities of entertaiment, feeding them or taking them to naps.
My desires are to keep growing as a person with this experience, learn more about life, about your culture and lifestyle, meet new people and always get the best out of things.
Dear future family I’m already excited to start this journey and get to know you. I want to build a beautiful relation with you and your kids, having the chance to be their big sister. I plan to  give you all my love and support to become a great team and family.

With kind affection,

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