Kitija Viksnite

Home Country: Latvia
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/30/22


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,
I really appreciate you stopped here, so let me introduce with myself.
I am an open minded person, I like challenges and new experiences. I grasp them and like to make best out of it. I believe that everything happens for a reason. The most comfortable I feel with children and older people, why? With children I can be funny, silly and enjoy all the little things what adults sometimes forget about, but from conversations with older people I get inspiration, motivation or can ask questions about life or specific area, cause they already experienced more that I. It does not mean that I do not have friends at my age too. I have been really enjoying the company of my closest friends lately.
Also I have a wonderful family, we are seven children. I have four brothers- two older and two younger, and two little sisters. With them I experienced the best childhood. We are always there for each other even we do not live together anymore or not even in same country. My parents does not live together, but I have great relationship with both of them. I love those moments when we all get together, lately it is been for Christmas. I means a lot for me, to be together in that special time of the year.
I do not know if winter is my favorite season of the year, but I love it. I really like snowboarding although I am a beginner in this field, also I enjoy ice skating and everything what is related to snow. While I lived to London (two years) I learned to be interesting to myself. I found ways how to express my emotional wold- I love painting- mixing colors, writing- write down my feelings, dreams, experiences, thanks.I adore art museums, galleries there I could get lost. I love traveling, with someone or by myself. I have been on two solo trips, it was amazing experience. Be alone and count on yourself, seek, find and discover yourself. I am so happy I did it. Last summer asking myself- when was the last time I did something for the first time- I tried rollerskating and payed much more attention to improve my Swedish language.
While I live in Sweden I do not get enough practice for English language. Becoming an Au Pair I see as an opportunity to practice my English, change environment, get out of comfort zone and let myself experience something new. It would be an amazing chance to get to know other cultures, traditions and also introduce the family with Latvians.
I have worked with children since I was sixteen years old. The first baby who I looked after was five months old. I looked him after every second weekend at first, then we spent time together every weekend, later on when they moved to Sweden I came couple of summers to look him after there while his parents were working. During studies I got a chance to go to London and work in multicultural family with two kids. The oldest one was two years old, but the youngest one 6 months old. I looked them after week days and when needed also weekends or evenings. In my daily duties included feeding kids, changing diapers, taking them to school, playgroups or other activities, make sure they have the time for rest, having snack time, playing with them, reading books, dancing etc. I have spent the most time together with these families and we still have a great contact- with parents and kids.
I have an experience to work and live- in a family. It would not be something new for me, I have an idea how it works and what it takes. I think, the most important is communication, for both sides to definite what they expect and what is important for each side. I do not have problems to adopt in new place I will respect every person in family who I live with and also I would like to respect me as a person.
If that all is fine for you, I think we could make a great team!

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