Larissa Lemos de Azevedo

Home Country: Brazil
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 1/30/22

My Video

Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello my future host family. My name is Larissa, I'm 25 years old. I live in  with my grandparents Graça, 72 years old, and Edesio, 78 years old and my brother Igor, 26 years old in a coastal city called Maricá in Rio de Janeiro brazilian state. My grandmother is a psychologist and medical assistant and my grandfather is a retiree civil police. My brother is a civil engineer student. My mom doesn't live with us, but she is always at our home helping with our needs. Her name is Andrea, she is 46 years old, a former medical assistant and a nursung student. I am graduated in Literature from UFF, and now I'm working as a teacher in a school in my city.
My daily schedule consists in waking up at 6h20am, take a shower and get dressed, eat my breakfast at 7h10am and leave for my job at 7h25am. I take a bus at 7h30am and arrive at the school at 7h45am. I work from 8am to 5pm, but I have a break to lunch from 11h30am to 12h30am. In the school I teach for presencial and online classes for kids from 9 years old to 17 years old. On mondays and wednesdays I do online Italian classes from 6h30pm to 8pm. I'm doing the driver's classes at 8pm mon-fri, and I finish my daily routine going to bed at 10h30 pm.
I am patient, kind, responsible, strong when is necessary, funny, active, and I love sunny days! I love to help people who need and this spirit came from my family. I like to do dance, telling stories, art and crafts, play with board games, explore nature, swim at lakes, beachs and pools, make tours, and have fun. I love to be involved with a community and volunteer is my biggest passion. I also love to visit museums, parks, libraries, book stores, travel to different cities, and explore their cuisine and architecture.
I have a large experience taking care of children from newborns to 13 years old since I was 15, and that's the reason why I did a bachelor's degree in an education area. I cared for children in my home doing activites like playing games, cooking meals, bath and bedtime, getting them ready to school, snack time and walking by the city. I am already helping a family's friend with her newborn baby girl. From those experiences I learned and practiced skills like patience, resilience, negotiation, fun games, cook recipes...
I want to become an au pair because I want to improve my English skills by living new experiences in a new country. I am excited to know how is life in an American family and show my culture to you guys too. I'm ready to be your children's big sister and take a good care for them as they were from my own family, and I'll be glad to receive the same treatment.
I'm looking for a host family who will include me for real in their family life, will treat me kindly and respect me.
I'll be glad to meet your family and become part of it!

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