Luciana Gomez

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 3/20/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello family!

My name is Luciana Belen Gomez, I am 23 years old and I from Argentina. I define myself as a simple, passionate and introvert girl in what I do. I currently live with my parents in Posadas-Misiones, where I did my studies and where I also work. I was born in Posadas Misiones, a small city of 277.564 inhabitants. Posadas is a very quiet town where most people know each other.

Posadas has an average temperature between 29°C - 30° C in summer and 12°C during the winter.

My family consist of my parents, Jorge Gomez (52 years old) and Ana Maria Nuñez (48 years old), my brother Nicolas Gomez (19) and my sister Nadia Gomez (15). My father works in a shop, he is mainly engaged in selling different types of snacks and my mother is a teacher who also works with my father. My brother works with my dad and my sister is in the secondary school. From 2016 to 2018 I lived alone in Buenos Aires where I studied International Relationship. Unfortunately, I quit university because I had to return to Posadas to help my parents at work. As we all live together, my sister and I take turns to do the ironing, the washing up, clean the house, take out the trash and make beds.

I really love animals, when I was a child, I had 2 dogs, Ulises and Tommy. I always dream of having a house with many dogs. I’m very lazy to do sports but I like the gym and dancing. I also spend my free time to go to the cinema, go out with my friends, dance with my sister, and swim in the pool in the summer, many times when I’m bored I cooking for my family and friends. I enjoy being with my family, seeing my cousins and uncles.

As for my studies, in Posadas I complete my primary and secondary education at a catholic school. I finished in 2015 and in 2016 I moved to Buenos Aires to studied International Relationship. I return to Posadas in 2019 and I star to study the Teacher Training College of English. I choose this career because since I was a child, I studied English in a private institute.

At age of 16 I started working takes care a child in weeks and two children in weekends because I want to save money to my graduation trip. In my first experience I take care a boy of 5 years after school for 6 hours approximately. I played with him and I helped with homework and we have tea time and have dinner together sometimes. In the weekend I take care a child of 6 years and two months later borned Mateo and I helped his mom; I make the dinner, changing a diaper, feeding a bay and putting kids to bed.

This year I take care a twins of 8 years old for four months, they are an beautiful and charming children. I play with them and I take them and looking for the respective activities, I also helped them with their homework, and at weekends we play a lot or watching movies. We really had a great time with the kids.

I like and I choose the Au Pair program because I love spending my time with kids, I feel so good when I stay with children, I have a support of my parents to all my adventures, and when I tell them to the program they look happy. I think I’m ready to embarking on this experience as an Au Pair. This is the dream of my life; I really love the idea of living in another country. This is the moment to grow as a person, I will also learn another culture, I will travel to another countries, meet new people, new places and I enjoy working with children. For me this is the perfect program, I want to get better my English and learning another languages and out of the routine that I have today and do something different.

When I decide to enroll in the Au Pair program, I chose the United States. I want to know all the country, having met people from there, it motivates me to choose this country. From the program I hope be more independent, traveling in EE. UU, make a difference in the lives of kids who´ll take care, as they leave a indelible mark on me, help me make new friends and improve my English. I believe that it´s an amazing experience.

From my new family I hope to achieve the confidence which can be calm and happy with me. I hope we can have a good time together, that they be respectful, loving and patient with me as I’m going to be just like that with them, and they can treat me like their daughter. I have no preference over the size of the city that I’m directing. I’m sure I’m going to find a perfect family for me.

I have high expectations about the year in EE.UU. I want the time comes to meet my new family and my new city. And I hope to surpass your expectations and be remembered as a good au pair who was part of their lives. So, I say goodbye, I want that with this letter you may an idea about me and my life. Perhaps we’ll meet in a short time.

I hope to hear from you soon. The best wishes.

Luciana Gomez

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