Ludmila Volta

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 21
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 1/15/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hi host families!!My name is Ludmila, but everyone calls me Lulu!! I'm 21 years old and I’ve been an Au Pair for more than 2 years!! These two years taught me a lot, that's the reason why I decided to take the covid extension. Now I have 7 months left to my return back to Argentina and I wanna finish this experience in the best way!During these years I had beautiful experiences with kids of different ages! From newborn babies to teenagers, now I'm taking care of 3 girls (4, 7, and 8 yo). Also, I learned a lot of new games and activities from here (including the amazing holidays) Activities like homework, art projects, ABCs, and numbers, preparing meals (ps: I can't wait to share the delicious Argentinian recipes), naps, and changing diapers. Taking kids to school and driving them, to activities!! (I have my driver's license permit and I have to do the behind-the-wheel test, but I have a lot of driving experience!!) I am trying to be an artist (trusting the process haha) and something that I enjoy the most is sharing with the kids my passion, doing Disney dance parties, a lot of art projects (collages, canvas, mentalities, a little bit of origami, crafts, etc) and amazing music sessions where the kids turn into superstars!!!I play guitar and piano (that helps a lot for lullabies when I have to put the kids to sleep) Communication is the most important thing for me!! I wanna build a very good relationship with the kids and also with the parents! I like to share family moments, and I also respect privacy. And at the end of the day, we both trust each other!! The most important thing for me is to make a strong bond with you and your kids, I don't feel this program is just like a job, I think it is a life experience and I would love to share mine with you!!I have always loved kids, I think they make our lives more complete and happy.I'm very flexible, communicative, and warm. I'm a very big hug fan and coffee conversations!!I look forward to knowing more about you and getting to experience your beautiful family dynamic
HI DEAR HOST FAMILY   My name is ludmila volta, I'm 19 yearsold. I was born in June 2000. I'm geminis. I'm studying clothing design andaccessories. I was born in Villa Maria, is a city in the province of Cordoba, is located in the center of Argentina. My city is a beautiful place wherenature, art, culture and above all education conspire. In Argentina, I lived with my family (My mother and my brother), My mother's name is Jorgelina, she is 43 years old, she is a teacher in a public primary school and she is a psychopedagogue. My mom is a person that I love and listen to, she's my referent. She is always present and does not leave a moment to beat tentive to our needs, she is patient, encouraging, a very special being, our bond is full of love. She urges me tomake my dreams come true, she never lets me fall and always accompanies mein my decisions.   My brother's name is Ignacio, he's 14 years old, he's a high school student. With him we share a lot of time, we enjoy music, a movie, we are very close friends and we make our days beautiful moments. That's my family, small but with a giant heart.  My dad passed away in 2012, when I was barely 11. He is the one who made me love music,  until now I keep hisguitar, with which in my spare time I begin to compose songs. He is the one Iseek every day to achieve my dreams. My paternal grandparents are called Martha and Ruben. And my maternal grandparents Carlos and Margarita. They are the  four most important pillars of my life, they live in villages very close to my city and whenever I can I will visit them. Thanks to  them I am who I am and I can fulfill all my dreams, as they are constantly supporting and accompanying every decision I decide to make   I define myself as a super creative, passionate, sociable, fun and superenergetic person. Everything I do I do with love and dedication, I love art, music, literature, theatre. I love playing guitar, ukulele and singing and painting pictures. All my art I turn into my work. I take care of a girl named Rosario, I take care of her since she was little, she is a super sweet and pretty girl. We had a lot offun together. In my work schedule wepaint, sing, do school chores, do fashion shows, make up and comb our hair. While she studies or finishes schoolwork I clean the house, I make arrangements so that when the mother arrives everything is clean and she can be calm. I was also lucky enough to beable to take care of a baby, her name is Antonia, and I've been taking care of her since she was born. With her I learned many things, from how to change a diaper to lullabies so I can sleep. I was a great help in her house, because my boss had 3 more children who were children, I took care of the baby and she played with the other children, there were days when I had totake care of them all because the mother had to do some things, we played together, we did talent shows and many fun things.   I love babies, especially babies, I feel a special love with them. I have fun and  learn new things every day.   Thanks to this opportunity to be an aupair, I can achieve a great dream and also do what I love, which has to do with meeting other people, other cultures, other ways of life. I like changes and I adapt very easily, I consider that these instances are significant learnings to grow as a person, since it will allow meto build links in terms of socialization, independence, customs and work. Also, I take into account that in the United States, cultural possibilities evolve with  high technology, which will allow mealso to develop music and art, two things that interest me and form agreat part of my life. Whether it'sperfecting my techniques with instruments and painting or in singing. I am very happy to have contacted the company, because I had from the very first moment with all the assistance, accompaniment and advice and also know the other au pairs.    I hope from the bottomof my heart that we get along well, and that we can enjoy the whole time of super great stay and with very good energy. At the moment I am an au pair and I am looking for a new family to continue enjoying this beautiful experience. I am an au pair of a beautiful 15 month old girl in South Jordan, Utah. My work schedule is from 08:00 am to 5:30 pm and in the middle, while the baby sleeps a nap clean a little and I take a little rest. Almost every morning after breakfast we read some books and then we will play in the park or walk to the lake. while she hurts the nap I prepare her lunch, clean and drink mates (a drink that is similar to tea) when the baby gets up we have lunch and go to play in the game room and then we go back to the park or back! As the girl is a baby, it is not necessary for me to drive since the parks are very close but I would like to drive in my new family. In Argentina I have my own car and drive for 2 years. I love driving and I am very good at doing it. I never had fines or accidents. I like to be an au pair because it is a super new and great experience for me, I learn many things, from language to customs, although not long ago I am here I am in love with the United States, it is a magical country with beautiful landscapes that do not I can stop admiring.   I am looking for a new family that loves art and music like me, who is affectionate, kind and sweet but also knows that each person needs their space. I really want to stay in the program and find my family and have a wonderful year, maybe two! I hope to see you soon!   Ludmila.

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