Luiza Franco

Home Country: Brazil
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

*I am fully vaccinated*
Dear future host family,
My name is Luiza Franco and I am 25 years old!
I have just finished Law School here in Brazil. While I was in University I met some new friends that had their kids, and I started helping them and I felt good doing it.
Besides that, I also started babysitting my neighbor's daughters, because her mom was a single mom and she worked at that time, Marina it was 5 years old at the time and Alice it was 14 months at that time.
I took care of then almost the complete year of 2016, my main responsibility was taking care of Marina, but on Mondays and Fridays I also took care of Alice, because their Grandmother, was a teacher, and these days she couldn't take Alice, so during this two days (Monday and Friday) I took care of Marina and Alice together, and in the other's days of the week I took care only of Marina. Marina used to wake up eight a.m., I give her a bath and a breakfast, when Alice was together, I waited for Alice wake up, usually she wakes up eight and a half in the morning, I usually change her diapers and give her a bottle while Marina was taking a shower, the bathroom it was in their room, so when Marina finished her shower, I usually had finishedd with Alice, so I helped Marina changing, and I give some toys to Alice, while I was going to make Marina's breakfast, and then I called Marina for her to eat and after that I send Marina to brush her teath, and then started to play more with Alice, called Marina to sit arround us in a table to do her homework wich I was there to help her, then I prepare her bagschool, and let marina and Alice playing in the same room while I was doing their lunch, called Marina to eat and take Alice to give her lunch, prepared Marina for school, and then give a bath on Alice, so I was just wainting for their grandmother came to pick then up, and take Marina to shcool, and Alice to the grandmother's house. This was only during 2016 because at the end of this year my neighbor Kamila moved to another city.
In 2017 I passed a test to work in a public daycare in my city, in the next year 2017, so there I started to work with a lot of kids, and all kids were the same age: 2 years old. There I discovered that I love to work with kids, because until that day I had just watched my friends' children, and then I was working in a real daycare with twenty kids.
At first, I got a little worried because it was a big group of children, but I had the help of a really good teacher, it was me and her in the class. My routine as a class helper was giving baths, changing diapers, helping then feed, naping time, and making some activities like drawing or painting, and storytelling.
My routine out my work was to study, either to improve my English or for other goals in my life, I also love to watch series and movies, sometimes I read the news, I enjoy talking about politics and nature.
In 2020 I pass in the test again to work in a kindergarten, and this time the kid's age was three years old and they didn't use diapers anymore. It was a class of 24 kids. In the class, it was me and a teacher too.
I liked to work in both jobs, with both ages, they had little differences independently, when they are little they depending more of us, but according to the time is passing they like to discover and to learn how to do things and its amazing to see how they grow up so fast.
Every day I go to the gym make some exercise, I like to run and swim. I think doing exercise is very important to everyone, also as eating healthy food, but I love any type of food.
I like to go out and explore the world. I like to camp somewhere with a good river.
In nowadays I moved from the state of Mato Grosso, and now I am living with my mom and my stepfather in São Paulo, my mom has a car that allows me to drive every day, I am a strong driver.
My activities in São Paulo are a little bit different from where I used to live, I always go with my mom to the gym, I am cooking lunch and dinner every day, I also help my mom with the cleaning in my house, which is my routine now. Because of the covid-19, I am not hanging out with anyone but my mom and we usually go to the grocery store and some restaurants together and in the mall.
I am an energetic person, I like to talk a lot, I like adventures, I like to present something new to anyone, so I think this will help me a lot with the kids, because we all know that every kid has a big curiosity about everything and they like to talk about their new experiences, and I love to talk and play with the kids.
I would love to teach good experiences to your kids, I am also a good swimmer and camping, I could teach those things with big happiness if you want to, of course.
And if you have any pets, for me is very good, because I love them.
I think it's important to teach a kid how to be a good person.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to be part of a family as a big sister and to share some of my knowledge and culture and learn a little bit about your culture too.
Also, I would love to have great and honest communication with my host family, because this is who I am, an honest person, and very communicative too!
I am always seeking to understand the world, the people and I think the au pair program is such a great experience in how to grow up inside.
I also think that the kids have so much to teach us, they are true and they don't hesitate to say what they think, sometimes we need to learn the better things with the little ones.
Please, if you liked me, contact me!
I hope to hear from you soon.

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