Luz Yate Castro

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 6/3/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear future host family
Hi, my name is Luz Albreidy, but my friends call me Luz. I’m 24 years old. I’m from Armenia, Quindío in Colombia. Let me tell you something about my land. I was born in Caquetá. But I grew up in Armenia, Quindío. This is a wonderful, sunny and beautiful place; it is called ‘el eje cafetero de Colombia’, since it produces and exports many types of coffee around the world. This is a touristic place with plenty of flora and fauna and good people. I live here with my parents, Jose and Kenedith and my pretty dog called princess. I have three brothers and one sister, all of them are happily married and they have the 7 most adorable sons and daughters.
I currently live at home with my parents, but on vacation I have been in different cities of Colombia: Bogota, Neiva, Pereira among others which has given me the opportunity to meet many people of different places and live with different people too. Being away from home for some time has helped me to mature and grow as a person. I have learned to be more patient and tolerant.
I studied Modern Languages at the university of Quindío, and I have done a volunteer in a school with Montessori methodology, believe me it was an amazing and lovely experience. There, I learnt that the education is more than fill in children with math and Spanish contents, the education is teaching from the children’s needs. Last year, I started working in a private bilingual school, l am really happy with my job, I work with small children, teaching the basic content in the different subjects at school but when the pandemic arrived, many things changed. At the beginning, it was really difficult because, as you know, nobody was prepared for Covid-19. But with patience and love, we continued with the teaching process, offering the best of us as teachers and we finished the school year without problem. Thanks God.
Other than that, I have taken care of my sisters’ babies when she needed, since they were three months old. I take care of my others nephews and nieces as well between 2 and 7 years old, and my friend’s baby who was for that time six months old, now he is 2 years old  . And let me tell you that I have had the most wonderful experiences with them. I have the opportunity to regularly visit and help them because we lived in the same neighborhood. Also, I am part of a Christian education group in the church I’ve attended for the past 6 years; we teach to the children of different ages, I started like an assistant and now I am a passionate teacher of the group.
I am outgoing and adventurous person. I am not afraid to try new things, ranging from food to activities. I am a focused, responsible and loving person. I am more than willing to gain new experiences. I love making people laugh, meeting new people and experiences difficult cultures. I am very much an extrovert and just love people in general. I love learning new methodologies, activities and whatever things that can improve the education.
As I told you before, I live with my parents and we all work, so we wake up early, sometimes,  I do some exercise and then I prepare the breakfast and frequently the lunch for all of us. I clean all my house, I put the clothes to wash and then I spread them out and fold them. I love reading and doing sports. I try to do that every single day, whether it’s my bible or an interesting book. I enjoy spending time with my family, going to movies, hanging out with friends/family, I love hosting dinner parties or lunch at home and I really like to go to the church.
I would love love love to be part of your family in this amazing experience! I am more than ready and available to start whenever you want.
With love,

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