Maho Ishiwata

Home Country: Japan
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/13/22


Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello. I'm Maho Ishiwata, 24 years old, born on November 29, 1997.
I was born and raised in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
My family consists of my father, mother, sister, and dog.
My grandparents live in the house next door on the same property.
My family is very close, and we watch cartoons and movies every night after dinner, and take vacations together.
My father is a carpenter and my mother is a first-class architect, and they are both in the construction business.
I went to high school to specialize in art and design.
I went to college at the Nihon University of Health and Sport Sciences, where I majored in judo therapy and obtained my national certification upon graduation.
I am currently attending the graduate school of the same university to study the effects of pre-exercise plant and animal food intake on arterial function and aerobic exercise performance.
I studied classical ballet from the age of 4 to 15, and cheerleading from the first year of high school to the second year of college. Since then, I have been exercising at the gym.
My personality is bright and energetic like the sun. My weakness is that I sometimes push myself too hard and get tired.
I grew up watching Disney Channel and Full House from a young age. Also, my mother had studied abroad in Canada, and my parents loved foreign dramas and traveling, which made me long for foreign cultures. I have wanted to study abroad since I was a junior high school student, but every time I went on to higher education, I had other things I wanted to do, such as studying art and cheerleading.
However, after entering graduate school and seeing papers, research, and conference presentations from overseas, I began to feel a strong desire to experience and learn more about foreign cultures and values.
Last summer, I happened to see a movie and learned about studying abroad in Oprea. I immediately looked into it and found that the conditions were perfect for me.
When I was a college student, I worked as an assistant coach in a classroom teaching "how to use your body" to 4~elementary school students. I taught them how to catch and throw a ball, how to run, and so on. I also used my experience to teach dance and rhythm as the main coach. There I felt the joy and satisfaction of spending time with children, and now I care for 0~3 year olds at a daycare center.
I want to be a Big Sister. My younger sister and cousins are all younger than me, and I have many younger sisters and brothers. Also, in sports class and preschool, I was more like a big sister than a coach or teacher. I am good at drawing and making things, so I want to be creative with children and create many things that can only be done now. I also like to dance, swim, hike, and do other physical activities with my children.
I also like to cook, so I would like to serve healthy and delicious food, Japanese food, and bento lunches not only to the children but also to my host families.
I would like to take care of the children as much as possible, but I would also like to do many things that I can do and experience.
I hope that my host family will welcome me as a member of their family.
Thank you for reading.

Maho Ishiwata

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