Manami T.

Home Country: Japan
Age: 27
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 11/28/23

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear my future host family.

My name is Manami.
I’m from Tokyo, Japan.
I lived alone in Chiba near Tokyo
I am 27 years old
My family consists of my mother and father.
I have a particularly good relationship with my mother, and even though we live apart, we still spend time together once a week.

I have worked as a nursery teacher for 3 years, also I worked as a babysitter for my au pair preparation.
I love interacting with people and have a friendly personality.
I like new challenges, so I am active and have many hobbies.
Drawing, SLR photography, singing, reading, visiting museums , watching movies, traveling…
I have a lot of interests, so I will tell you more about it later in the letter.

There are two things I want to convey in this letter.
First why I want to be an au pair.
Since I was little, I have been interested in foreign cultures and English
because of watching cartoons and Disney.
I am interested in people who are spending time outside of Japan, and I want to know about them more deeply.
However, many Japanese do not have the opportunity to use English on a daily basis and live in their own culture.
Only a limited number of people have passports.
I came to think that I needed to leave Japan and study.
Being able to speak English makes the world more accessible.
I want to actually spend time in another country and touch the language and culture directly.
But spending time in another country will not be easy due to financial issues and lack of experience.
I will have too much anxiety.
So I wondered if I could make use of my experience as a nursery teacher.
The au pair program has the best conditions for me.
I can help children grow,
learn language and culture.
And I am ready to do it.
I definitely want to great host family

Next, what kind of au pair I want to be.
First and foremost, I would like to get to know each other and become friends with you.
I am participating in this program from my own will and desire, but it’s not guaranteed that your child feels the same way.
It’s natural to feel nervous when a new person begins living in your home. Additionally, if smooth communication cannot be established due to language barriers, it may cause feelings of anxiety.
I hope to communicate patiently with my host children, no matter the situation, and create a relaxed atmosphere.
I want to become someone who your child can feel close to and rely on for anything.

I have been drawing since I was a child and have a fondness for art and fine arts, especially Japanese anime culture. I would like to enjoy drawing and expressing myself with my host children through creating many pictures together.
When I draw for fun, I mostly use an iPad, but I also like using paper. With my host children, I would like to use crayons, colored pencils, water-based markers, brushes, and other materials.

I also love singing. I can only sing Japanese songs at the moment, so I would love for you to teach me many English songs! I know a lot of Japanese versions of Disney songs and can sing them. Since the melody is the same, let’s have fun while learning about our language differences. My hobbies are things that can be enjoyed with children, and I think drawing and singing are particularly useful.

Also, I love going out and being active, so I’m looking forward to going to various places with my host family. I want to take the opportunity to enjoy nature, such as flowers and insects, and to move our bodies in the park with the children. On holidays, I would like to be introduced to popular spots and places rich in nature. Since this is my first time going to America, I only have knowledge from books and videos. I would be happy if I could share my excitement with you.

Please also leave everyday support to me. Based on my experience working at a nursery, I can provide appropriate support for daily tasks. Instead of adults assisting with all tasks, I distinguish between what the child can do on their own, what they can do with a little help, and what they cannot do yet. I aim to detect the child’s desire to do things on their own and build up a sense of accomplishment in their daily life.

Would you like to welcome me ?
I hope we can have a wonderful experience together
Thank you for reading. Look forward seeing you.


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