Marcella C. of Brazil – Au Pair in California

Meet Marcella, 23-year-old au pair to a sweet little girl in California and runner-up in our 2019 Au Pair of the Year contest. Marcella originally joined the au pair program to learn more about the American culture and improve her English skills. Her cultural exchange experience has developed into so much more than she expected and we could not be more proud of her. Please read Marcella’s nomination essay below to learn more about her amazing journey in the United States!

Marcella’s Nomination Essay – Submitted by the Keeler Family!

My Au Pair Marcella is a wonderful individual and such a blessing to have in my home. She is such a giving person helping with my daughter who is a special embryo adopted baby. Sarah was frozen for 9 months before I got her and had her transferred to a surrogate. She is a miracle baby and blessed by God to be alive. I know she will be an amazing person and have a wonderful story to tell. My daughter loves Marcella as she spends time daily helping her with learning language skills, social skills, and developing her independence. I work full time and am an early childhood specialist. My standards are high for those who work with children. I searched for the right fit for Sarah, someone who is compassionate, caring, and would invest in Sarah’s life with teaching her skills from a young age. Marcella is the right fit and I knew when I interviewed her she would be an amazing Au Pair. Marcella researches the best strategies and we discuss what to do in challenging situations. From patio time, each day with watercolors and play dough my daughter is learning new skills along with being read to several times a day. She truly is a partner and a great match for my family. Marcella has a full social life but always makes a priority to meet the needs of our family first. I am blessed that Marcella takes time to spend with Sarah and I in addition to her work schedule.


I am most touched by Marcella’s desire to volunteer in the community helping others and understanding the needs of those who live close by. Marcella has a strong desire to make the most of her time here in the states by taking additional classes to improve her English and often asks the correct way to say phrases. She has many interesting conversations with a variety of people as she tries to understand other people’s points of view. She is a good friend to other Au Pairs and tires to regularly spend time with them as she benefits from other international students. Marcella includes myself and my daughter in on video chats with her family so we can be connected together. Her regular videos with her family always include a video with my daughter, an update on how she is doing and warm conversation. I value the multicultural experiences my daughter has with Marcella and her family and believe she is enriched as a result. Marcella’s family is truly an extension of our family.

It is such a joy to come home and hear about my daughter’s day from Marcella and get a kick out of how she relates to my daughter and the amount of laughter in my home. I could not be more pleased with the moments we have shared as a family. We laugh often together which is an important quality and enjoy the moments of each day. I am a single working mom so Marcella is an important part of making our home a positive place and extra hands for support. I truly believe she is the best of the best and gives all she is to my family. She is tops!

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