Maria Acevedo

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 9/30/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family

I am very grateful that you are reading my letter, my name is Belén Acevedo, I am from Jardín América, a small city in the province of Misiones in Argentina. I have a lovely and quite big family. They are my parents, my elder brother, my sister and her son. Also, we have got a really special member of the family, my dog Bondi.

I have already finished my studies at UNaM University, where I got my degree in Tourism. Right now, I am not working in Tourism, but I would love to. Currently, I am working as a dance instructor and I teach two groups of children and teens; one of them is FUNKIDS my children group. I teach reggueton, Brazilian and Latin music, pop and tiktoks steps. I have my own academy where I work with my sister who is a Zumba instructor. I started teaching three years ago and I have never stopped my lessons more than a month.

I could define myself as a responsible, honest and discreet girl that loves her work and the relationship with her students. In addition, I am a dynamic, friendly and outgoing person; I am from cancer so I am lovely and always protect my family, friends and loved ones. In my free time, I really like going around the city and if it is possible, I travel and visit my friends. I love learning about different places, their culture and people.

My childcare experience started with my first nephew Lautaro who I have taken care of since he was born. What is more, I have three friends whose children I looked after several times. On holidays, I took care of one of them when his mom had to work, and I cared for when we were studying at university. Besides, my most relevant experience with children is my dance group because not only I teach them how to dance, but also I play with them, so I know many funny activities to do and also I am sometimes in charge of more than fifteen children simultaneously on several occasions.

For this reason, I have learned to care for newborn babies as well as 12-year-old children, and I always learn something new with them. Honestly, I really enjoy spending time dancing, playing, or going to new places with them and make them smile.

I hope you can give me this opportunity to meet your family and I would love to be part of it while being able to live this magnificent experience. I am very anxious to work with you because I will be able to learn about your country, your culture and improve my English at the same time.

Thanks for being interested in my letter, I expect to hear from you very soon and get to know you better.

Yours faithfully,

With love, Belén.

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