Maria Alonso Santos

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/10/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello Host Family!
My name is María Valentina Alonso, but everyone calls me Valentina. I am 23 years old, I am from a beautiful city named Barranquilla placed in Colombia. In my spare time I like reading, skating at the park, having fun with my friends, playing piano and my favorite one, travelling.  I have a bachelor degree in bilingual education: (English/Spanish). I discovered that I want to be a teacher because I enjoy the process of teaching and seeing how the knowledge starts to grow inside the person, when you are working with children you can see how fast they can learn and how creative they can be.
During my time as student, I had the opportunity of working as an English teacher and as Spanish teacher with children first to sixth grade, in other words, with elementary students. I was in charge of helping them with class activities and explaining then lessons when the teacher was not able to work.
In the other hand, since 2012 I have been a babysitter of one beautiful girl named Melany and one handsome boy named Jorge. When everything started, Melany was 5, her mother is a friend of my family, so she decided to give me the opportunity of babysitting her daughter during the week. Talking about Jorge, in that time he was 9, I was babysitting him on the weekends, he is the brother of my best friend, she was not able to take care of his brother because she was working and his parent too, that is why they told to babysit him. I was in charge of taking care of them, feeding with delicious food, playing with them outside with toys or playing with them inside the house using our imagination, helping them with homework and teaching them to read aloud.
I want to be au pair because my goal in life is to became an excellent teacher, therefore, to me is going to be a great opportunity to improve my English and to show my abilities with children. I decided to do my au pair experience at united states because I want to learn and live the north American culture, and I want to teach to my future students American’s English.  In the other hand, as your au pair you can find on my different skills that allow me to that adapt to the different situations:  I am open mind, I know that I going to live a year of my life in a different culture, hence, I am able to have a whole experience in another country ; I love to work with kids, I have being with working with kids because I enjoy to teach English and Spanish grammar, especially to children; I am tolerance and responsible, I understand that every kid is different and for this reason, I want to create a relationship full of confidence and love with you and the children, as well, I want teach to the kids to be responsible and nice with everyone; I have patience and confidence, every emotion that a kid can have is different, I need to be patience and take care of the situations whenever is necessary, in view of this, I want to let you know that I am going to love to be part of your family.
I enjoy to be an elementary teacher because children are like a box full of surprise, you cannot expect what is going to happened in the classroom and those situations makes me to be creative and innovative in my classes. As au pair, I will experiment to be part of a foreign family with children full of happiness and joyful, my experience as a teacher is going to help me to be the persons that you are looking for, and for finish this letter, I want to add that I am able to listen any comment or advice whenever is necessary, because communication and respect is the bases of a happy family.
I’m totally sure that is going to be a pleasure to meet you, see you at states,

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