Maria Avancini

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 6/30/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear my beautiful new host family!
Hope you are doing weel. I'd like to introduce myself.  First of all, my name is Maria Clara Avancini, I am 22 years old and I am from Argentina. I define myself as fun, simple and passionate about what I do. I was born in the city of Mocoreta, a small town of 13,000 inhabitants located 490 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Mocoreta is very quiet, where we all know each other, where parties are held that involve the whole community. It has a nice campsite, here the summers are very hot. My family is formed by my parents Dario Avancini (58 years old) and Virginia Vidoni (47 years old) and my brother Juan (21 years old) and my sister Guillermina (16 years old). My father is an employee and my mother is a kindergarten teacher. My brother is studying geography in Concepción del Uruguay and my sister is finishing high school. She lives with my parents in Mocoreta.
As for my studies, I completed my primary and secondary education in Mocoreta. For six years I studied English, in 2015 I graduated as an English teacher and I also finished school in 2015. I moved to Monte Caseros, where I lived with my uncles and cousins for five years while studying to be a history teacher. I graduated in 2020. Living with another family opened my mind, I learned to share tasks such as: cooking, cleaning or simply sharing moments and other customs different from mine, regarding meals or daily activities.
My first job with children was when I was eighteen, I taught girls between four and nine years old to play field hockey for nine months, it was incredible, I traveled with them to other places to play, this I did because I play field hockey since I was thirteen years old. Then, while studying at Monte Caseros I worked for six months as a substitute teacher of English in a school for children between six and ten years old, it was an incredible experience. I took care of a newborn until the year, that was a lot of learning for me, because I had to bathe her, give her a bottle, change her diapers, play, sleep, the parents trusted me a lot and sometimes when they had to leave her at night I stayed home to take care of her.  Also, in my free time or when my friend asked me to, I would take care of their daughter Maxima. We would play with her for hours, inventing games, cooking, walking around the square or even swimming in the river. Maxima and her little sister Alfonsina are nieces to me. I learned a lot from them about children's meals, sleepovers and watching Disney movies for hours.
On the other hand, I train three times a week at the gym and walk every afternoon with my friends or my mother, some days I go to play field hockey.  In my free time I like to read, my favorite reading is romance novels and short stories. I also spend time with my friends, go out to dinner, go dancing, meet up to play a board game or just drink mate in the afternoon.  I really like to be with my family, almost every Sunday we get together for lunch or dinner, to see my cousins, uncles and my grandfather, I love to be with them, we chat, play games, watch TV programs that we like and there always has to be mate and pastafrola.
If there is one thing I really like, it is cooking. I make desserts for meals or for the afternoon as a snack. I am a soccer fan, I watch the games of my club Boca Juniors or the Argentinean national team when they play and I also enjoy watching movies or series at home with lots of chocolates.
When I am with children, my nephews or the ones I usually take care of, I like to invent games, read stories or make them up, cook with them, play with water or sand but my favorite one is playing board games it reminds me of when I was little and played, to my nieces I always try to give them some game that I make myself for them
I hope the program meets my expectations of gaining valuable work experience, becoming more independent, traveling to the United States, learning about the culture. It will make a difference in the lives of the children I care for, as they will leave an indelible mark on me, help me make new friends and improve my English. I strongly believe that it is an incredible experience that no girl should miss.  From my new family I hope to gain the confidence I have with the parents of the children I already care for, who can be at ease and happy with me. I hope that we can have a good time together, that they will be respectful, loving and patient with me, as I will be that way with them. I hope they make me live their customs, their culture and that I can show them mine.
I have great expectations for the coming year. I want to spend time getting to know my new family and my new city. And I hope to fulfill their expectations so I can leave a trace and be remembered as a good au pair who was part of their lives. May the years go by and we keep in touch, it would be amazing. So I say goodbye, I hope that with this letter you can have an idea about me and my life.
Maybe we will meet in a short time and we can share many moments.
I hope to hear from you soon. I'd love to become a part of yoour family.

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