Maria E.

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 9/27/23

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family
I’m glad to introduce myself to you

My name is Maria Del Mar, but people call me Maria or Mar, yes, like Sea, but in Spanish. I am a sociable and outgoing girl who enjoys spending time with others and learning.

I am 24 years old. Currently, I’m living with my parents in Medellín. I’m an only child, but I have a big family. Some of my relatives live in the same building as me. I like animals, I have two dogs, one is called Cookie and the other one is called Nazira. I’m studying at the university for a degree called Zoo techniques, which consists of farm administration and animal production.

Also, I like to perform different activities, so, while I’m not at the university or working as a babysitter, I’m training at the gym, I’m taking music lessons or in rehearsals, and I also play softball sometimes. That’s what I usually do as hobbies. However, If I have already done those activities, I visit my friends, or I just stay at home to watch series and movies with my family, some days we go to some concerts too. During the week, I try to practice English in conversation clubs, because I learned English years ago on a scholarship.

I really want to be part of the program. Firstly because I want a new, different experience in my life. I also want to share my knowledge with new kids. It’s too gratifying to see and hear what they learned from you while they enjoy the time beside you. I would also like to be independent and help my parents at home. There, I often prepare healthy food for adults and children. I have had most of the experience taking care of my family members since they were born until nowadays (when they are around 7 years old).

I have taught different subjects to children, young, and adult people. Furthermore, I have taught children about handwriting, coloring, basic Spanish speaking, and musical approaches. With young people, I have given them some musical lessons, and I helped them with math, English, and Spanish workshops.

I have experience as a full-time babysitter. I am prepared to be a friend and a teacher, and of course, I want to be the right role model. For the last year, I have been interested in respectful parenting or respectful child care, and I have read documents and blogs related to it. Since then, I have tried that child care based on mutual respect, providing children with self-decisions to solve daily situations and giving them the right skills for life.

I hope you like my letter and to know about my skills. Now, I would like to know about you and your children.

Thanks for reading my letter. My best regards.


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