Maria Diambri

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 27
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 3/7/21 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,

I´m currently in the US living with my host family in Idaho with a four members family. I take care of two kids; a 3 years old girl and a 5 years old boy. Because of COVID they are not going to kindergarten or preschool so we spend together 8 hours and a half everyday. They are very active and their favourites activities are biking, swimming and golfing. I'm teaching the little girl to go biking without training wheels and leave the life jackets in the swimmingpool to both.
Also we making time to learning activities, handicrafts and science experiments. As well, I'm teaching spanish to them.
About my duties I'm in charge of breakfast and lunch everyday, keep the playroom and everything where the kids play and stay clean and help with the kids laundry. Moreover I like cooking dinner occasionally, to let the family try typical dishes of my country.
In my free time I like to go out and explore my new city/town, do exercise and hang out with friends. I always try to divide my time between this activities on my own and share time with the family too.


My name is María Diambri, I am 25 years old and I´m from Argentina. Presently I´m living between Hughes and Rosario. Hughes is a small and quiet town of 7000 inhabitants in the south of Santa Fe providence, where I grew up with my parents and my siblings. I did there my primary school but I went to the high school in another city called Colón, located 30 kilometers from Hughes. I travelled every day by a private bus. These years were ones of the most exciting of my life, I knew my best friends I have until today. Then, when I was 18 years old I moved to Rosario, a big and wonderful city, to start my university studies. It has been many twists and turns, but finally last year I achived my degree of Fashion Designer.
Introducing my little family I can tell you about my parents, both are a fundamental pillar in my life. My father, Gustavo is 58 years old. He´s a lawyer, he had worked in it all his life, but his real passion is country life. My mother Nora is 56 years old. She runs a betting game inherited from her parents, but she spents most of her time doing domestic tasks. My siblings are Antonela, 35 years old and Marcos, 31 years old. They are lawyers as our dad. They have been living in Rosario for many years and they work in the Ministery of Security but in differents áreas. Both live alone. Although Marcos has a daughter, Paz, she is one year and 9 months old and she lives with her mother. And the last member of my family is my boyfriend, Rosendo, he is 30 years old and we are together for four years. He´s a law student. He lived in Rosario until this year that he moved to Colón, his home town, for work. We have a nice relationship, we support each other at all and we are planning a life together when I´ll come back from United States.
In my first years in Rosario I lived with my siblings. The living together was so good. All of us did the household chores such as cooking, arrange the room, clean the apartment, wash the kitchen, laundry, pay taxes, among others. However, the flat was so small for three, so they moved on and I stayed there alone. All my time in Rosario was a personal growth. I changed of carree twice, I had many Jobs, I did new friendships, I took more responsabilities and all of these stuffs took me where I am now. I´m mature enough to know what I want for my life. My biggest plan for now is being an au pair in United States to live a fulfilling experience and be fed by other cultures. And on the other hand, I finally found my trade; fashion designer, so I have plans at my return too.
When I was a teenager I couldn´t define me as a sociable person and maybe I was quiet shy. It was a bit difficult to me to make new relationships or develop my life skills. But over the years I began to strengthen my personality and get a job was so helpful as also the contact with children and their families. Now I can say I´m an emotional but an independant person who loves, as always, spend time with family and friends, but also wants to achieve her own successes even though separate for a while.
In addition to this I can tell you more about me. I really like to make adventure trips. Although I enjoy to take sunbaths on the beach doing nothing, I like much more go to the mountain to hiking or biking and connect with the nature. One of my dreams is get a motor home and travel around all my country south. I already knew it, but only a part because it is really large. On the other hand I enjoy the simple things like read an interesting book, (“No me iré sin decirte adonde voy” by Laurent Gounelle is my favourite) or share long talks with my loved ones while we drink “mate”. I don´t know if you heard about it. It´s a typical hot drink from Argentina and Uruguay too. You should try it, I´m going to encharge of that. Another activity I like is cooking, I think it is a love act. I enjoy cooking for my family and friends. My specialty are “empanadas árabes” and “turrón de quacker”. I hope I´ll can cook for you. Also I have a new hobby: photography. I am always invested in it but now I´m taking a practical course. I´m learning a lot so I wait to take lots of picture in your country.
As for my work experience, like I tell you before, I have had many differents jobs, some of these were connected with children. The first one was a summer job as a nanny of two boys, Simon and Vicente (5 and 6 years old). Only for two months per year. I have never been in contact with kids everyday before. Even though they required all my attention and they were so energetic it was and enjoyable experience. I was with them four hours per day and I had to play with them, made their afternoon snack, and some other extra task that their mother asked me to do it, it depends on the day. We built a nice relationship, no matter the short time I was with them. They have invited me at their birthdays or importants occasions. I love them so much.
After that, in March of 2017, I started to take care of a baby in Rosario, her name is Morella. I knew her because her mum is friend of my sister and she was looking for someone she trusts. At first I worked some time with Morella´s mother there to go knowing me with her and to know the housekeepings and tasks. My duties with More were change diapers, cook her lunch, dress her, take a bath some days, play, go for a walk. We had a beautiful connection but I had to stop working there in the last year of my carreer bacause it was taking me so much time.
Simultaneously, I established a business about children´s events associated with my sister. Even though we thought it to earn extra money we did it as a hobby too. The business consisted to rent “indian tents” to little girls´s parties. It included so many accesories to decorate and games to spend the night. Unless we did it on weekends it took us so much time during the week planning these parties, and our other responsabilities were growing up too so we had to stop after two years of hard working.
A long time ago I started to think about an exchange. I´ve always wanted to live for a time in United States, it is my dream place. I was searching for many programs but when I discovered the Au Pair program I knew that was perfect to me considering my experiences working with children. I waited until now to enroll in the au pair program because I wanted to finish my studies. I did it succesfully last year so now is the perfect time in my life to travel. My family and my boyfriend support me, I don´t have excuses to do what I´ve been thinking and planning for a long time.
From the program I hope that meets all my expectations like travel around the country as much as I can, it doesn´t matter where I´m going to live. Improve my english, I studied the language for years in a private institute but until today is not so good as I want. And live with a native family who allows me to nourish myself everyday with their rich culture, and I hope I´ll can teach you a lot of our traditions.
At last, from my host family I hope you trust on me as the children´s parents I looked after did it. And which can be calm and happy with me. Also I expect to help you with the unbringing of your children and I can cause a good impact to them. This is my greatest desire.
I look forward the day I will meet you and know my new city and my new home. I hope to satisfy all your expectations for also leave you a trace and be remembered as a good au pair who was part of your lifes. So I say goodbye, I hope that with this letter you may have an idea about me and my life. Perhaps we'll meet in a short time.
I hope to hear from you soon. All the best,

María Diambri

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