Maria J.

Home Country: Mexico
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 12/28/2022 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,

My name is María Fernanda Jaimes Baleta I am 25 years old and I live in Valledupar. My mother's name is Alexa Baleta and she is a housewife and my father's name is Jose Jaimes and he works as a Teacher in Prudencia Daza school here in Valledupar, I have four siblings, Rolando who is 45 years old, Mariangela who is 40 and Pilar who is also 40, and then is Laura who is 38 years old. We are a very close, sociable, and communicative family. I love children and I am the youngest one so I have been always taking care of my cousins and nephews due we do a lot of activities and they love it also in summer, preparing their food, helping them with summer homework, playing and doing crafts together or going to the pool. I have been always surrounded by children!

When I finished high school, I decided to study language English and Spanish to be a Teacher, For me, it was one of the most important decisions in my life. It was what I really want it to do and I am so glad to be a Teacher. I think it was a very good opportunity to learn more about kids due I learned a lot from them, I have always been very active and hard-working, so I tried to help at home combining my studies with different jobs, I love cooking and all in my family loves when I do it, it's stunning the experience, I love working with children because they know how to get the best out of myself and I try to teach them to do their best. It is a very rewarding job.

My family and my friends say that I'm a very motherly, responsible, and loving person, furthermore, I love kids, so this year I decided to fulfill my dream of being an au pair in America. They support my decision and they are very happy for me. That's why I want to improve my English, know your lifestyle, your habits and your country. And what better way than to do it than spending time with children and learning everything they can teach me every day.

I have experience in caring for children from six months to 17 years, girls and boys too. From 2017 to 2021 I worked in the Colombo Inglés school I taught English, arts, science, and social studies I don’t like math l am not a big fan of numbers, hahaha. The experience was great. I used to take care of the children 8 hours per day, I took them to the bath and guide them on how to use it. Also with my nephews, I use to go with them to the pool, playing role plays about superheroes, they like summer too much due we always ride bikes so is also my best season. Also, I took care of a baby from my sister in law three years ago, who was a baby of six months, and I had to prepare her bottles, fed her, help her to develop the skills that a baby of her age begins to learn, like turns from the side to explore around, entertaining her with toys, or helping her to sleep.

I love reading books and newspapers every day when I have some leisure time, listening to music, doing a lot of yoga and exercise watching movies, traveling, and learning about other cultures and ways of life.

I am so excited about the opportunity to know you better and to be a member of your family. I hope enjoyed reading my letter and knowing a bit more about me and my dream.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes, María.

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