Maria Muniz

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 19
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 10/26/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello Family!
My name is María Sol Muñiz, I am 18 years old and I am from Argentina. I define myself as cheerful, fun and passionate in what I do. I currently live with my father in Mendoza, where I was born and did my studies. Mendoza is a beautiful city; it is located in the plain east of the Andes mountain range. and is the heart of the Argentine wine region, famous for its Malbecs and other red wines.
My family consists of my parents, Gustavo Muñiz (52 years old) and Veronica García (48 years old) and my sisters Florencia (26 years old) and Luciana (19 years old). My father works at a post mail and my mother used to work as a promotion girl but now she is a housewife. Florencia works at my father’s company and is studying interior design. Luciana is studying agronomic engineering but is currently on a vacation trip in Huston, USA with her boyfriend. As I live alone with my father and he is often at work, I do all the household chores such as cooking, arrange the room, clean the apartment, laundry, among others, but a housekeeper comes to help me sometimes. Someone very important to me are my two dogs called Batuke and Dakota who I love and they live with my mother.
I am a bit lazy to do sports but I love exercising to feel light and with energy. In my spare time I like to watch movies, listen to music, sing or read a book. I also spend time with my friends, go out to dinner with my family and boyfriend or just go to a picnic day at the park to drink mate in the afternoon. I also like being with my boyfriend’s family, and his (1 year old) nephew. I enjoy being alone sometimes but I don’t like loneliness. Another activity that I like is cooking and baking things like sponge cakes, desserts or muffins. I also did ballet for 12 years so I really enjoy going to the theater to a ballet show. I usually do fun activities with my father like go to a soccer game, go trekking to the mountains and watch movies at home with popcorn and ice cream (which I love!).
As for my studies, I completed my primary and secondary education at a private school called Instituto Padre Valentin Bonetti. I finished school in 2019 and started studying modeling and graduated in 2020 and I am very happy because I appeared on a USA magazine as a model.
My favorite subjects were Arts, Literature and English. I always felt into English and it’s easy to learn it for me. Besides I like watching series and movies in English and I try to read to improve my skills on the language.
I am currently working at my father’s company, learning how he works and helping my sister Florencia. I like to always be learning new things and grow professionally. In addition to this, I completed a First Aid Course on December, obtaining a diploma.
On the other hand, I like to be surrounded by children and I have facility to interact with them because I love to imagine new games and invent stories with them. I’m very patient and responsible when I have to take care them. I love watching them grow as persons into society like school and sports.
I started taking care of a 5 years old little boy (Luca), and a 3 years old boy (Gaspar). I used to wake them up, make breakfast, help them put their clothes and their hygiene. Then we liked to go to the square to play at the playground for kids, where they had a lot of fun with another kids. Later, I made lunch, we ate together and then they helped me clean the table so they could watch some TV. In the afternoon, I helped them with their homework and when they finished, we went outside to play at the yard. They were really smart, they love dinosaurs and know everything about them. I love their curiosity and innocence.
My next formal childcare experience was at a kindergarten called “Patitas Sueltas” where I was a support teacher school. I helped the teacher taking care of the children and keeping them in order. I helped serving them breakfast and lunch. I also taught them songs to eat, dance and play, taught numbers with images of animals, and colors with a lot of toys. Sometimes I took care of the children alone for a couple of minutes while the teacher was checking on the kids' food. I also took care of them when they played outside at the yard of the kindergarten with other teachers and younger kids., and there were 12 kids approximately and they were between 3 and 4 years old.
Then I took care of two brothers of 8 years old and a 13 years old of age. I used to make breakfast and lunch for them. We did homework together and practice sport. We also made a lot of drawings and liked to baked cookies and play games outside, and then we all cleaned the mess. I really liked their spontaneity, playfulness and I learned a lot from them.
Thanks to all my experiences taking care of children is that I met the Au Pair Program and I loved the idea of a cultural exchange. I found many experiences testimonials from girls who had made the Au Pair Program and I realized that thanks to my childcare experience I could make my dream come true.
I researched a lot and I watched many videos about Au Pair around the world until I decided to talk with my parents about what I wanted to do. Although it is a new and unknown experience, they always supported me. I feel like this is the perfect time to do it because I am just 18 years old and I have a lot of energy and I really want to meet new people and enjoy this moment of my life learning a new culture and I eager to spread my wings and fly! I also want to improve my English doing something new out of the routine that I have today and do something different.
I consider myself as a person who adapts herself easily, independent and optimistic. I’m very energetic and positive. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I like to walk outdoors and make sports like running but I’m a bit lazy to begin sometimes.
I love cinema, a lot!!! My perfect Sunday’s night it’s movies with pizza and Ice-cream. I usually hang out with my friends and sometimes we go to have dinner at some restaurant.
I like reading as well, my favorite type are mystery books and romance novels. My favorite writer is Becca Fitzpatrick. One of my favorite saga is Hush Hush.
When I decided to be part of the program, my main location was The United States, because I always admire your tourist attractions and cultural diversity. I think it’s a big opportunity to improve my English, get to know a new beautiful culture, meet new people and learn more about kids.
From the program I hope to gain valuable work experience to perfect me professional and personal manners. Also travel to a new place, visit new places and leave my comfort zone to explore a new culture and share my values. It’s a great opportunity to continue learning about taking care kids and make new friends. I believe very strongly that it’s an amazing experience that no girl should miss.
From my new family I hope to have a communicative relationship, be able to form an extra labor bond with trust of both parts and become part of your family, share out customs and values.
I have high expectations and I am very excited and can’t wait to start my year in The United States. I really want the time to come when I finally get to meet my new family and my new city. And I hope to meet your expectations for also leave you a trace and be remembered as a good au pair who was part of their lives.
I promise to do my best and I hope that with this letter you may have an idea about me and my life.
Perhaps we'll meet in a short time. I wish to know you soon, my best wishes.
Sol Muñiz.

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