Maria Saavedra Stura

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 3/14/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello to everybody!

Im writing this letter to introduce myself and talk about my life, and in this way you can know me better.
My name is Maria Agustina Saavedra Stura, I am 23 years old and I am from Argentina.
I was born in 1996 in San Carlos de Bariloche, it is a small city in the south of my country, it is a really beautiful place and it is located around the lake Nahuel Huapi.
I grew up between mountains, lakes and forests and I’m very thankful to my parents for that. I had a very beautifull chilhood spending time in lakes, going camping and in winter playing with snow. I feel a lot of respect for nature and animals, and that is something that I will enjoy to teach your kids.
I have a big family… my dad Luis (61), my mom Leonor (54), my big brother Ignacio (31), my big sister Maria Laura (27) , and my little sister Camila (22).

I really love my family, they are all in my life.
My mom and my dad broke their realtionship when I was 14 years old, in that moment of course I was sad, but luckily they have a great relationship now, they are friends.
My dad lives in San Martin de Los Andes, a town located 300 km from Bariloche, but he comes at least  1 time per month to visit,  also for  birthdays. He is a teacher and he stays in Bariloche all of January for his holidays.
Camila, my little sister lives in Buenos Aires with my aunt, and she studys audiovisual arts, my big sister is waitress in a restaurant here in Bariloche and she lives with a friend, and my brother Ignacio lives alone in Bariloche and he works in tourism.
I live in my families house in Bariloche with my mom and my grandfather (the dad of my mom), he is 90 years old and we call him Tatu, he has been a important part of my life and I help my mom a lot taking care of him.
In my house we have 3 cats and 4 dogs, we love animals. I have had pets all my life and I enjoy a lot living with them, I love when I arrive home and they recive me happily and with a lot of cuddles.
I did all my primary and secondary years in the same school, so my best friends are my friends since I was 5 years old. I love them and I really miss them, now they live in Buenos Aires. When we finished secondary school in 2013 we moved to Buenos Aires to study and in the beginings of 2018 I came back to Bariloche.
The first year in Buenos Aires I did the course of flight attendant, I really enjoyed to do this course, but I have never tried to work in an airline because I was not confident with my english.

After that I started to work in a cardiology clinic, as a receptionist. This was a good job for me, I really like to work with people, I consider myself a kind person, polite and very social and that helped me a lot with this job.
After that I started to study obstetrics, but I left after 6 months, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study all of the years, but I am sure that I have a connection with motherhood and babies, I feel a lot of emotion when I see newborn babies with their mother.
It is life, it is much love and it is nature at its best.
In the summer of 2017 I worked in a summer day camp, it was in the kíndergarden of my ex boyfriend’s mother. She asked us for help, so we went all january and fabruary. It was a beautiful experience, there were children between 1 year and 10 months (the youngest) and 6 years old, they came in the morning and we recived them to start a fun day, it was my first experience working with children.
In 2017 I started to study public relations, ceremonial protocol and event organization, at the same time I started to taked care 3 sibilings, Ramon (9), Alfonso (7) and Jaime (3) .I went to their house when their mom Julieta called me, this was 2 or 3 times per week, usually I went in the evening. We played a lot together with their toys, we also painted and we watched movies.
Sometimes their mother left the food done and sometimes I prepared it, then we ate together. After I cleaned the dishes we played a little more, when it was the time to sleep I took them to bed, the youngest, Jaime used to use diapers for sleeping so I had to change him and when the 3 boys were in beds, sometimes I read something for them. I really enjoyed to take care of these children, they were calm, polite and they were very sweet to me.
After some months I found a permanent job as a psychologist’s secretary, I arranged her schedule and recieved the patients, it was a good job and near my house but I didnt earn enough money.

In march of 2018 I moved back to my city, I could continue study because I was doing my studys online, so there wasn’t a problem for me, and I had very good luck because I got a job very quickly. I started to work in my current job, in a tourism agency in the bookings department.
Now I work 6 hours (this depends on if we are in low or high season) and I really like my job and I feel very comfortable with my mates and working in a office.
The first months of 2019 I was working only 4 hours, and I had free time so I started to take care Ambar and Indiana my neighbor’s girls, my mom is a good friend of their mom and their parents trust me a lot. I have known them since they were  born and we always have had a very good realationship, I love them like a cousin or a niece.
When I got out of my job I went to their house, Ambar is a girl with  a lot of energy, so we played a lot with her toys, we painted with paint or pencils, we disguised ourselves and when she was very tired I read to her and she took a nap.
She has a little sister, Indiana, now she is 1 year old , but in that moment she was a newborn, her mother sometimes stayed in the house and sometimes I took care both, she was very tiny so I had to be very attentive. I would feed her, change her diaper and put her to sleep. Now sometimes when their mother needs to get out she calls me and I take care of both.
Some months after, another friend of my mom was looking for a nanny, so I started to take care of their children 2 days per week. They live 1 block from my house so it was very comfortable. Valentina was 4 years and Facu was 1 year, they are very sweet children, we played a lot inside and in their garden too, we watched movies, we painted, we had a fun time together.
I really enjoyed when kids ask me someting and I try to explein about that in the best way, teaching things and see when they learn colours, numbers, words, I really like to accomapany them in these processes and see how they are discovering a lot of things all the time. I also enjoy being a part of their games, exploring and imagining with them.
The last year I started to volunteer at a foundation  working with children with other realities, they live in a poor neighborhood and a mayority of them have had to go through dificult situations.
The idea of the fundation is that the children dont stay in the street when they finished their classes, so they come to the fundation and depend of the day of the week have a different activities, I used to go on Mondays for the art activities, a teacher goes to explain the activity and the volunteers helps them in however they need and when they finished the activity we would  go outside to play or stay inside dancing,  playing foosball or painting. We would also have tea together. I really enjoyed being with these children, they need a lot of love and when I see them enjoying or when they recieve me with hugs and kisses it fills my soul.
I’m a person that enjoys the simple things in life, like a meal with family or friends, a cuddle with animals, hugs from important people in my life, a rainy day watching  movies, to see a kid laugh, swiming in a lake or sea, or seeing a beautiful sunset.
Im a positive and very sensitive person, I really believe in the destiny and I’m sure that life will take us where we should be, and if you are a good person with good intentions life will return to you all good things.
I am a thankful person, I love my life, my family, my friends and always think of the luck that I have to have a roof, a plate of food, education and a lot of love in my life. Now thinking of the experience that I will have, going to another country, learning  about other cultures, meeting new people and places, doing something that I really enjoy like taking care of children, makes me feel very happy, excited, proud of myself and very very thankful with life.

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