Maria Ulloa Herrera

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 8/28/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello Dear Host Family,
I want to tell you about me, I´m Maria Luisa Ulloa and I´m 23 years old. I was born in Colombia, in the town Sincé - Sucre. I´ve lived here with my parents Enilda Herrera and Jorge Ulloa and my brothers Hernan and Jorge Luis. I also finished my school here.
When I started my career, I moved to Sincelejo, which is the capital of Sucre, and all the time I´m here I’m taking care of children from different ages, for me it’s fun and lovely to do it. I have had the opportunity to enjoy my time with children and do various activities, such as playing soccer, playing with dolls, having picnic, help them with their homework and teach them to create good habits inside and outside of the house. For me, children are very important so whenever I take care of a child I help them become independent. My best and most amazing experience was when my little cousin was born, I used to take her to school, I bathed her, I took her to the park, to eat ice cream; she became my partner and even though she grew up I still take care of her.  I have had experience with children of different ages, with girls from 6 to 9 years, with them we usually played with dolls, enjoyed playing afternoon tea, make fabulous hairstyles, watch Barbie movies, did karaoke with their favorite songs. We used to do sleepovers and also bake cookies and delicious cakes several times, we also did all the homework for school. I took care of a baby for months and my goal was that through games he discovered everything around him, experimenting with materials he could touch, explore with his hands, since babies always try to grab, let go, pick up and throw things away, those games help their intellectual development. We played with the palms, with toys that rolled and made noises so that he would hear and discover different sounds. These activities were carried out after bathing him and giving him his food. When I took care of an 11-year-old boy we had a routine because he loved to play soccer, so I would accompany him every afternoon to play soccer, in the morning we practiced English and then we played video games, every weekend we tried a different flavor of ice cream at the mall and watch action movies with popcorn, he had his meals and he brushed his teeth after each one.
I always have fun with the kids, we have a strong connection and I love them, which is why I study to be a teacher. I like to teach English to children, it is my passion. I love to help them with their homework and it is very fun to see how they evolve in their learning with the fun methods I teach them with.
Well, I love traveling and discovering places, I love dancing my favorite music called Vallenato, it is a Colombian music, although I listen to all kind of music, I love cooking and I make many recipes, I defend myself perfectly in the kitchen.
I want to be au pair because I would love to know United States that is one of my dreams and what a better way than taking care of children. Being au pair would be fantastic, I could improve my English, share my culture and skills with my host family especially with children. I know that as an au pair I will do very well because I am a girl who respects customs, thoughts and points of view.
I´m sure that the process would be great and amazing.
I hope you like my letter, it was written with much love for my next beautiful family.
María Luisa

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