Mariana S.

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 1/15/24 (Extending)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hi dear host family!!! My name is Mariana Rosas Suárez, I’m 22 years old, I was born in Bogotá-Colombia. During these two decades, my mind harbors the most beautiful and happy memories always accompanied by my beloved parents (Gladys Suárez and José Martín Rosas) and my older brother (Juan Diego Rosas) and 4 years ago a tender puppy that has become a giant Siberian wolf arrived as a Christmas gift, his name is Arthur. Since childhood, I have been passionate about the arts, with an emphasis on acting, so being in my eighth year of high school and at my insistence, my mother desires to support me to start my professional studies as an actress parallel to the school, and to date, I have already graduated from both stages’ academics, although I am clear that I will always want to make my profession in constant learning. At the dawn of my childhood, my restless mother always tried to keep us in extracurricular activities such as skating, ballet, swimming, violin, dance, guitar, and creative manual activities; so since I was little I have considered these activities as my hobbies. My first care approaches have been with my little cousins, between the ages of 1 to 10 years, with whom I have shared for several years in various activities such as some school activities, board games, teaching them to dance, sports activities (swimming, soccer, racing, jumping, ultimate, skating, cycling and outdoor games); On some occasions, I have made camps with my cousins and at sunset, we set up campsites and end with a bonfire under the stars. Another opportunity of my sharing with children has been to be an assistant in the therapeutic care that mom performs with her patients (children between 3 to 7 years old), under her professional counseling, she carried out educational games that contribute to her cognitive, emotional and social intelligence. Also during my time at the acting academy, I had the opportunity on various occasions to support the direction in plays that the children (from 4 to 15 years old) represented, teaching them characters and dynamic interpretations that could serve them, doing games and exercises body and vocals that would serve them in the musicals we conducted, and on the days of the presentation, I was in charge of keeping them ready and calm, so that they concentrated on the function, helping them with their costumes and makeup and taking care of their snacks. And finally, in my acting career, I have participated in some plays and musicals for the entertainment of children and their families, such as Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, GodSpell, Grease … The order and cleanliness of my room and surroundings are important to me, from childhood our parents instilled autonomy and support in the home to us, dividing us the task of order and cleanliness. This experience for me has an expectation a life lesson that will not learned in a classroom, I enjoy sharing with children, being able to offer the best to beings of light full of energy, despite knowing that is a very big responsibility I have always thought that if I love that I do, I will be happy fulfilling the daily responsibilities with the children. Another plus for my life is the great experience of cultural exchange and the strengthening of the language. It is interesting to share through these lines the feeling of this experience in my life and that of my host family. Thank you very much for the attention that you deserve. I hope to see you soon, bye. Mariana

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