Marlen Carvajalino Pallares

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 21
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/17/21

My Video

Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello Dear Host Family,

My name is Marlen Tatiana Carvajalino Pallares, but you can call me Tatiana, I’m 20 years old and I live with my parents and my two younger siblings in a municipality north of the Colombian capital, Tocancipá.

About my studies, I have a Technical Human Resources certificate and also one in English A2 because since I was in school, I stood out in this subject. For this reason, I am currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in languages at the University of La Salle, I go in the sixth semester or in other words, in the third year of university. I am learning two languages, English and French and also improving my first language for to be able to teach it. I’ve gotten many honorable mentions for being collaborative, for my artistic ability and for having excellent academic performance.

As for my hobbies I love to read, I think it is one of the activities that I enjoy the most because it makes me feel calm and full of knowledge; I also enjoy drawing, since I was a child I did, I drew my cartoons and also of the manga type, I love doing it and it’s one of the things that allows me to have peace of mind in times of stress. Other activities that I enjoy are cycling and taking long walks, I feel that both activities allow me to enjoy the scenery I go through. On the other hand, I also enjoy watching series and movies.

Talking a little about my experience with children I think has been the area in which I have been most involved, because being the older sister I have helped my parents in the care of my siblings. I have also had the opportunity to care for several children who have allowed me to gain experience in this, from 1-year-olds to 8 or 9-year-olds, to help them dress, bathe, change their diapers, give them their food, take them to the park, pick them up from school, help them with their tasks, distract them, put them to sleep, among many other activities. It should be noted that being studying a bachelor's degree, I’m required to practice with children in schools, which has added to my experience. As for home I have always been very tidy, I am one of those who thinks that for everything there is a place and I try to keep everything in order, I know basic things like sweeping, mopping, washing a bathroom, organizing clothes, washing or ironing, I’ve always been very independent about my things, I like to do them myself.

To conclude, I want to be part of the program because I see it as an excellent opportunity to put my English language skills into practice, I hope my strengths will grow and my weaknesses will improve, also because acquiring more experience with children will help me a lot with my professional career. It should be noted that I love traveling and getting to know other cultures.

I thank you for your attention, I hope you were pleased to know a little more about me.

With love,



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