Mika Anetai

Home Country: Japan
Age: 27
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 5/21/22


Letter To My Future Host Family

Hi, I’m Mika Anetai. I’m 25years old and I have worked in hospitality industry. It is the second to participate in this Au pair program.

At the first to go to America, my host family received me warmly. I was the 3rd Au pair for 2boys. They used to Au pair life and talked me happily so I was eased my tension. They have very good brothers relation and playing with car was favorite play. We practiced dunce for Japanese school festival. I took care of their for 3 months. It wasn’t long time but I had a great time that I will never forget.

I went to Australia 4 years ago. I did Au pair of 3 kids about 8 months of the year.

I helped oldest boy’s homework and Japanese study. His native English made my English skills up.

3 and 4 and a half years old kids were so energetic. I was given so much power by them. We usually went to the nearest park and playing and eating lunch there. Also we made a so many stuffs by drawing, coloring, crafting, etc. They’re full of idea and interesting thinker. I was surprised by their sensibilities and I was taught that there are a lot of how to capture and mindsets.

I need courage to go to overseas. I have had a lot of sweet memories also I had something sad happens. But both host family became cordial and listened to me.

I’d like to make a good relationship with host family and I want to be thought that “she can be trusted to do work” . I’d like to make use my experience of Au pair too. I will take responsibility to do Au pair and sincerely try my best.

Thank you for reading my letter.

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