Miku Morisada

Home Country: Japan
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 1/29/22


Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello, my name is Miku Morisada from Japan.

●About myself
I like children and dogs. I have a dog in my parent's house.
I graduated University in Osaka on March, 2020.
But we didn't have a ceremony of graduation due to covid-19.
And after that I worked as a hotel staff in Osaka for one year.
When I was University student, I worked as barista at Starbucks for four years. So, I like coffee.
I had learned swimming for 10 years and played basketball for 3 years , I'm good at them.
Recently, I go to gym for my health and diet. Diet is almost reason LOL.

●About my family and hometown
Number of my family is 5. Mother, father, young brother and young sister. And lovely dog.
I am the oldest daughter.
My hometown is Matsuyama in Ehime prefecture.
There are many attractive places in Ehime.
For example, "onsen" in Dogo, a big castle in cercle of Matsuyama city, and Shikoku karst etc...
especially, the dish of fish is the best, I think.

●Why I want to be an au pair
I have 3 reasons.
First of all, I love children.
Secondly, I want to have knowledge of American education. Because I think American and Japanese have different thinking.
Like most of American have positive thinking, but most of Japanese have negative thinking.
American express myself in some way like "I love you"/"Love your idea" in the office and house/ "It's good, but..." it says when a supervisor advice and feedback a worker.
They are always saying what people's good point, and praise.
I suppose that this thinking different between American and Japanese is in education of childhood.
So, I'm interested in American education.
Finally, I have a dream to be a cabin crew.
So, I must speak English better more now.
And, I want to improve my communication skill, learn the difficulty of keeping my life, and have the experience that can be the strength of my life.

●My experiences with kids
・I had experience that I spend three weeks with lovely two children when I went to Australia about three years ago. It was homestay.
We played a lot with dolls, changed clothes together, and watched TV.
I spent time with them was the happiest memory.
・I worked at nursery as volunteer for two months. I assisted teacher with playing.
There were five or thirteen children in a class and I helped with playing.
For example, indoor and outdoor playing, drawing, exercise class, and music and movement class.
・I have been taught math and science to children.
My duty is to explain to children why you wrong the questions.
I'll continue to work there until my departure.

●What I impressed and felt difficulty with children
I felt difficulty that address for children have world in themselves and personality like want to do what he/she wants, while patient.
On the other hand, I had experienced that my heart is hot
It's when children called me "Ms.Miku" in Japanese "Miku sennsei", say to me "I love you", and children always wave them hands to me when I return to my house.

●What I want as au pair
I want to play indoor and outdoor with children.
But I want you to teach me American education and what/How you want me to do and behave for your children.
And I hope to communicate with family in English to improve my English.
Of course, it's ok to teach Japanese to children.

I promise you I'll do my best always.
And I want to enjoy au pair with your family.
I want to share Japanese culture and know and experience your tongue culture.
I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you for reading my not perfect English letter.
Miku Morisada

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