Milagros Sabelli Aztarbe

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 19
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host-Family:

Thank you for reading my letter, my name is Milagros
Sabelli Aztarbe, I’m from Bahia Blanca, Argentina; I’m 18 years old and, I live with my mom and brother, I also have a dad and a sister. I love animals, I have 5 lovely pets, 3 dogs and 2 cats.

I have a big family but the majority of them live in other countries, I love to spend time with them and travel with my family. Also, I like to listen music, when I was a kid, I sang a lot with my best friend, we sang in a lot of places in my city. I love to do exercise; I go to the gym and I do Taekwondo for 7 years ago. In another hand I like to spend time in nature and reads books there, go to the cinema or watch movies, and, I love to make dishes and cook. I like to camp, travel and know new places and new people.

My experience with kids started with my younger’s cousins, we always played and had a good time together. In mid-2019 I decided to teach taekwondo to kids, and I realized how I enjoy to spend time with them and how beautiful is to help them and teach them. In 2020 with the lockdown and pandemic situation I couldn’t teach Taekwondo throughout the year, so since august I have been taking care of 3 beautiful kids (Clara is 10 years old, Josefina is 8 years old and Manuel is 4 years old), we always play a lot for example we play on the garden, with barbies, or with cars, we cook together and we have a good time. I made their breakfast and lunch before they have to go to school. Sometimes I help them with homework.

Also, in march I started to work with 2 other families. One with 2 kids (Tobi is 8 years old and Justina is 2 years old), with them I just have to play and make their breakfast, we always play to tables games, or we collect nuts in the garden. They are so kind and lovely!
With the second one, I occasionally take care of 2 littles boys (Vincenzo is 3 years old and Giovanni is 6 years old), we play with dinosaurs because they love them, also we spend a lot of time in the garden with the trampoline and in the park, playing with slides and swings.

Nowadays I’m finishing an online course about Early Childhood, that teaches me a lot of important things about It, for example, how to help them to sleep, the food that they should avoid, the food that they should eat to grow up in a healthy way, and other things that I could tell you in our meeting!

I choose to make this program because, firstly, I love to spend time with kids, secondly, I know that this experience will teach me a lot about you, about a new culture, new food, new costumes. Also, I love to travel and I want to improve my English.
You should choose me because I will take care with your children, if I can be part of your family, I promise be very responsible, respectful, careful, lovely, kind, honest and help you to resolve any situation in the best way, like I’m whit the families I work with. I would like to be a support for you and help your children to develop their talents, dreams, help them with school, also I can teach them Taekwondo if they want it!
You can contact me to resolve your questions! I hope to hear from you soon! And thank you for reading my letter.

A giant hug,
Milagros 😀

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