Milena Kalezic

Home Country: Montenegro
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 2/19/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear future family,

My name is Milena, I am 22 years old, and I come from Montenegro. I finished high school of Economics in Budva and my desire is to study law in the future.

I am currently in NJ, Glen Rock and I take care of two lovely boys for the past 5 months, they are 10 and 12. They are amazing really, I enjoy my time with them however my host mom and I did not manage to make a good connection, not even after 5 months living together which is why we agreed to do a friendly rematch, with 8 months left.

The most important for you to know is that I am currently in the rematch process in the United States which means I can come to your family quickly. I have my visa, international driver’s license and I am an experienced driver, I drove both back in Europe and in the USA.  My appointment for a US driving license is scheduled on February 7, so I’ll have it before coming to you. I am also fully vaccinated.

Let me tell you a bit about myself - I am a strong swimmer, I even used to compete and I love spending time on the beach which is why I hope to find a family on the coast. I am confident enough to take kids with me on the beach or the pool, I can even teach them how to swim if they have not learned by now. I am also a great cook, I know how to prepare different European dishes - meats, pastas, soups; and I would like to maybe learn how to prepare some American food as well. I adore traveling and I would like to travel both with you and on my own. I go to gym from time to time and generally I do try to keep myself active, I enjoy swimming, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and other sports. My friends consider me friendly, communicative, and adventurous. Finally, I consider myself a flexible person who will give it her best to make things work, which is exactly why I stayed in the family for the past 5 months.

When it comes to my experience with children, as I already mentioned I’ve been taking care of 2 young boys of 10 and 12 and my obligations included preparing their meals, driving them to school and back, helping them with homework and generally spending quality time with them. I took care of our family friends' kids from France each time they came to Montenegro to spend their vacation. I would spend time with them in the evenings if they went out, during the day I prepared food for them, took them to park or to the beach. I also had experience with babies, I would help my neighbor with her little one while she and her husband were at work. My cousins also have kind of an amusement parks on the beach and I would volunteer there teaching children how to swim. All in all, I have experience with children of all ages. I can help your children get to school and back, teach them how to swim or play different sports, cook for them or even teach them how to prepare simple meals depending on their age, do creative things with them, read fairy tales and prepare them for bed.

After the program I want to travel to see more places in the USA, and to jump off from the plane, to go to the California to see a walk of fame, Universal Studios Hollywood, Santa Monica pier, Disneyland, Arizona Grand Canyon.

Finally, I am sure you would love to know more about my rematch – as I said we agreed to do the rematch because we simply did not click, from day one of my stay. I am an outgoing, fun and sociable person who spent all her life in the coasts of Montenegro, on the beaches, surrounded with people and I expected my host family to be the same but I believe we came across some cultural differences we could not overcome no matter how hard we tried. I would prefer to stay in the area but I am open to other states, too! If you have any questions my agency director as well as my current host family are willing to speak with you about their experience with me as an Au pair.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you!

Original Letter-
Dear future family, My name is Milena, I am 22 yeras old. I am from Montenegro. I finished hight school economics in Budva. My desire is to study law. I love children very much, I like to play with them, to teach them to read, to draw, and a lot of things. I chose this program because this time I want to spend time with children,to teach them to draw, to swim, to play with them, to help them, I just enjoy spending time with young children, having fun with them , to give all love to kids, and helping family with everything. And i want to show my skills for children, a love to them. I play with children , I teach them to write, to draw, to read, I go to the park with kids, to a walk. Before they fall asleep I read them a fairy tale. I drive them to school, to training, I wait for them and pick up them. I make them breakfast and snacks. I clean their room when they wake up . I teach them new games . I'm going on a little picnic with kids, I teach them nature and painting . Why I choose this program because I want to learn a little bit more about culture, language,and to play with kids. Too see more places, to learn a lot of things. My hobby is to travel around the world, to listening a music, read a good book,to write a book, to swim, hanging out with friends-family, playing with kids… I like to spend time on the beach with the kids, to swim and play with them, to teach them to swim, to play tennis and basketball to sing and dance. To go for a walk and tour with them, taking a pictures, to watch the funny comedy with them and to laught together, to drive them to city, to walk, eat ice cream, go to the cinema, museum. I am a very sociable and pleasant person who likes to spend time with kids. To be their best friend. Who will go with them everywhere. After when i finish the program I want to travel to see more places, in the USA, and to jump off from the plane, to go to the California to see a walk of fame, Universal stufious hollywood, Santa Monica pier, Disneyland, to Arizona Grand Canyon. And after all, to write a book about my life spending in America with kids and host family how i meet incredible kids,best cute little friends, and touring the world. Looking forward to meeting you. Sincerely yours, Milena Kalezic

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