Mizuki Shuto

Home Country: Japan
Age: 22
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/24/22 (Extension)


Letter To My Future Host Family

My name is Mizuki Shuto. I’m 21 years old and currently a university student. I’m studying English, tourism and environment development at university. I live with my family in Oita City, in the Kyushu region of southwestern Japan. There are 5 members in my family: my mother, my grandparents, my older brother, and me. They are very friendly and love to talk with people. I think of myself as having a positive, frank, friendly personality, and sometimes a bit of a worrier.

Next, I want to talk about my hobbies. I love taking pictures, making short memory videos, listening to music, watching movies, and making sweets. I often take pictures while walking near my house or take pictures of my friends when I am with them. I use those pictures to make short memory videos. I also love listening to music, especially J-pop and Western music. I watch movies too and often watch Japanese, Korean, and Western movies. And the last one is to make sweets. I often make sweets for my friends and family. Those are simple ones, but I really enjoy making them.

I decided to join the au pair program for 3 reasons. First, I want to improve my English skill. I have been studying English since I was 13 years old. I want to keep studying more and get a job where I can use English. Next, I love children. I often played with my friend’s younger sisters or brothers when I was a high school student, and now many of them have babies. Children keep me going and make me happy. Finally, I like experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. I think I can learn a lot of new things through sharing time with my host family as an au pair. I want to make many friends, too. I want to develop a good relationship with all of them.

As mentioned earlier, some of my friends have babies, so I am visiting them at least two nights a week to take care of their babies. My childcare experience is mainly with two 0-year-old boys and with these two boys, which is about 330 hours. I usually put them to sleep, change their clothes and diapers, give them infant formula and baby food, and bathe them.
I was also involved in taking care of two other children of 1-2 years old for 4 months. The time for these two is about 10 hours. I read books and sing songs for them.
I also worked at a kindergarten as a volunteer. The main things I did there were to help with potty training and to play with children. There were about 20 children in a class. Children and I played with blocks, played house and origami indoors, and ran together and played with sand outdoors. The total time of volunteer work at kindergarten is about 30 hours in 1 month.
What I learned through childcare is that it is very important to change the way you care for children according to their individuality, because even if they are the same ages their growth and personality are very different.

I want to be an au pair that my host family can feel free to ask for help. Making a good and trusting relationship is very difficult, but it is the most important part to live together. So, I want to create a relationship where both my host family and I can rely on each other. Also, each family has a different way of educating their children, so I want to be an au pair who can cooperate with host parents in raising their children. I hope I can be a positive influence on my host family.
With children, I want to do crafts, draw pictures, read books, and sing songs with them. I am not good at singing, but I will do my best. I also want them to know Japanese cultures such as the Japanese language, Japanese food, and traditional games.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope I can talk to you and your children soon.

Yours sincerely,

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