Myrto Kalapoda

Home Country: Greece
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: Immediately


Letter To My Future Host Family

Hi Dear Host Family!

My name is Mirto, I am 25 years old and I live in the small town Peania, in the suburbs of Athens, Greece. I am a math tutor to elementary and junior high school students, I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and a diploma in digital marketing, both acquired from the University of Athens.

I live with my family, my mother Marina, my dad Demosthenes, and my two siblings, Daphne and Byron. I am the middle kid; Daphne is 18 and studies English Literature at the American Union. Byron is 28, he is a lawyer and now finishes his Master in civil law. My mom studied nursing and photography and my dad owns a construction company for aluminum door and window frames.

I am a very artistic and nature-loving person, and I deeply love expressing myself through art, with my favorite means of art being theatre, photography, singing and writing. I also enjoy filming videos and DIYs. I am out-going and very assertive but at the same time highly sensitive and compassionate. Something I never miss to do every day is chatting with my friends and watch a movie or episodes (you can never watch only one!) of tv series.

I love working with children. Although I haven't studied anything relevant to childcare, I have realized how much I enjoy teaching, more than any other job I did. In the meantime, I find that this program offers many opportunities to grow as a person. Working with children gives you an incredible experience, valuable for every aspect of life and for every job position as you get to improve your patience, your multitasking, sobriety, creativity, persuasion, and so many others, that will make me a richer individual. Also, I will get to explore America and widen my scope, while I will have the opportunity to enrich my knowledge in my field of studies, but also get to study the subjects I always wanted, which are writing, photography, film direction, theatre, and singing.

About my childcare experience, I have been teaching math for the past 3 years to elementary and junior high school students as I said before, and I had been babysitting a boy for 3 years. In Greece, it is common to have a tutor for subjects that students find difficult like math, ancient Greek, etc, as it is difficult for the school teacher to pay the needed attention to every student and adjust to their needs. So, my role was to cover the reading material from scratch, teaching the whole book all over again in my methods of teaching to assure my students have no gaps and that they fully understand every chapter. I also create tests and score them to find any weaknesses that my students might need more help and guidance with. Also, I prepare them for their school exams, and for the elementary schoolers I also prepare them to participate in a mathematical competition from the Greek Mathematical Society.
As a babysitter, I grew a very close and loving relationship with the child, Dimitris, and when I used to babysit him, I was looking forward to see him every week. I would be responsible to change his deeper, feed him, put him to bed, and of course play with him and teach him many new things! Also, having a 7 years younger sister, I was involved from a very young age to her raising.

A small curriculum about other previous jobs, my first job was as a tourist office employee, where I gained many skills and grew my inner ones which are communication, organizing, and multitasking. It was though a full-time job, so I had to stop working because I needed to continue my studies. While studying I did several part-time jobs, as an administrator, promoter, sales-person, with my last role being an ambassador for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) from April of 2020 till September of 2020. I started babysitting part-time in 2017 until 2020, and teaching math, part-time, in 2018, which I haven’t stopped ever since. It fills me with genuine joy and passion, when a student is confused about something and after I explain it, their face lights up and they say “oooh, now I get it!”, that is why I love teaching so much.

Thank you deeply for reaching the bottom of my letter. I am looking forward to meeting you soon! Kindly, Mirto

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