Natalia Lopes

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 10/16/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello, dear host family:

I hope you are well, thank you for reading my letter. My name is Natalia Lucia Lopes, but they call me Lucy. I'm 22 years old, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I live with my mom,
dad and my 2 younger brothers. Besides, we have 5 pets! 3 dogs and 2 cats. They are part of our family and we love them. I am a management technician, and I just need to finish my thesis to become a graduate. I like to study, and I hope to continue to do so when I return.

My dad is Brazilian, and my mom is Argentinean, so I grew up sharing two different cultures, and I love it. I consider myself a very adaptable and learning person. I am always open to
new things and I hope I can learn a lot from you.

I love sports and dancing. Since I was a little girl, I did Arabian dance, figure skating, and when I was older I did women's soccer. I like to enjoy the outdoors, going for walks, going to
the square or riding my bike. I also love puzzles or thinking games, watching documentaries, series, movies, and reading books. I enjoy cooking a lot, especially baking birthday cakes
for the kids. I discovered that it's something I really like, and I would like to perfect myself in it someday. I love to travel, go out with my family or friends, and have as much fun as

Since I was very young, I have experience in taking care of children, since I have taken care of my two younger brothers because my parents worked. With them I learned many things
and developed a great responsibility and patience. Many times I organized their birthday parties and prepared games for all the children to have fun.

Over the years I continued taking care of children and nowadays I take care of 2 girls of 7 and 2 years old. With all of them I did many things, like changing diapers and preparing bottles, accompanying them to kindergarten or school, preparing meals and doing homework. We spent a lot of time together and learned songs and dances, shared moments of laughter, naps, games, crafts, drawing and painting, walks, trips to the movies, reading, and even vacations at the beach (I love the beach).

I want to be an Au Pair because I think it is a great opportunity to do all the things I love: being with children, while traveling and meeting new places and people. I love the idea of being part of the family because my intention is to create a bond of trust and connect with you, that the children love me and we can learn many things together, sharing our cultures and values. I want this experience to be very positive for everyone.

It was a pleasure to tell you about me, I look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely, with love Lucy

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