Noelia Gimenez

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 11/30/2022 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello possible future host family! I’m Noelia Giménez, you can call me Noe, I’m 23 years old, from Argentina, and currently looking for my next host family.   Available to start in November 30th 2022.  Looking for my 2º year 12 months extension Host family!  Au Pair International only! In country - Living in Mountainside (New Jersey) with an amazing host family that would be happy to talk to you if you have any questions for them! Proficient english  NJ license in process (because of the covid the shifts are very late). I have international license, have been driving in NJ since December 2021. I have my Argentinian license and been driving since 2021.  Strong Swimmer. No smoker. Fully vaccinated.   About me: Personality: I am extroverted, responsible, sociable, independent, proactiv and dedicated person. Personal interests: I love music, movies, the beach and traveling! I Love going out and have fun exploring with my friends but also enjoy some days of personal time just resting at home and watching a movie or talking to my family or friends!  About my experience so far: I live with a family of four! I’m their first au pair.   My oldest host kid is 6 years old. She is a very funny, respectful and nice girl. We are very good friends. She likes painting, going outside, playing with her dolls and animal stuff. Also She likes to play with her little brother.  My main responsibility is the 1 year old baby! He is the sweetest and funniest baby I know. He learns to walk for 3 weeks. He is very excited to know everything around him. He started a playgroup now. I love them.   Some of the hopes for my second year: Would love to have a great relationship with the family and that can be close or more professional, I’m open to both for a perfect match!   I have experience with both toddlers and older children so I'm open to any age!      If you think I’d be a great match for your family, don’t hesitate to contact me! I wish you all a great week!  Mail:           Hello Family! My name is Noelia Gimenez I am 22 years old. I am Kíndergarden Teacher, I am an extrovertid, responsible, sociable, independent, and dedicated person. I live in Anisacate,a small city located in the province Cordoba, Argentina. Anisacate was named by the natives. Anisacate means “Pueblo del alto”. We are located near the high mountains in Cordoba. This is a turistic city, There are wonderful places to visit. The rivers and views are awesome in Cordoba. This a beautiful city for holidays in the summer. I have lived here since I was born. My family is composed by: my father Hugo Gimenez (44 years olds) he is an employee in the Municipalidad the Anisacate, my mother (46 years old) she is a baker and a housewife. My two brothers Pablo Gimenez (25 years old) he is an employee in the municipalidad de Anisacate too, my little brother Gabriel Gimenez (16 years old) he studies in secondary school, and my Little sister Julieta Gimenez (7 years old) she studies in the primary school. We help each other with the housework. My mom is a very tidy person. We order our home and clean together. I help with the expenses of my home. We have rules of convivence!. We have 9 pets, yes my mom, my sister and I love them!. They are 6 dogs and 3 cats. We sleep with the cats, and with a very tiny dog, she is only 2 months old. We also have an of lot animals. In my house there are chickens, and in my uncle´s field, we have our two horses, some pigs, and cows. Among other things that I like besides pets, I enjoy riding my bike in sunny days, walking by the river, I like driving, and visiting new places. Also, I enjoy meeting with my family or my friends. I like dancing Folclore with the children of my family, I have 32 cousins (yes, we are many cousins hahaha). I like going to the cinema or the park with friends or my nephews. I love spending time with babies or children, I really enjoy this! I like cooking Argentinian dishes, or sweet food. I love going to the shows of my favorite bands. I also enjoy watching tv my favorite series in a grey day. I enjoy going to the cinema with my sister, we watch Disney animated movies. I really enjoy learning new things every day! I really enjoy going hiking. I also enjoy going to the swimming pool. I like outdoor activities in the summer or on a sunny day! I relation to my studies, I attended in Anisacate my Primary school and secondary school, my secondary school is a technical school, it has 7 years. I graduated in 2017 as Technician in the Industry The Food. Then I studied Tecnichial Auxiliary of the Pharmacy I graduated in 2018. After that I started studying in the Universidad Nacional De Ciencias Quimicas in Cordoba City, I studied for a short period of time, because I studied and worked, this was complicated because I was running all the time, and the University was in Cordoba city, located at 45kms from my town, but that year I graduated as a Certificated Manicurist. I also studied since I was12 years old and graduated as a “Teacher of Dances Folckloricas”. I currently study Kindergarden Teaching. I am a first-year and also I study English. I really love my carrier! On the other hand, in relation to my love for children, in 2013 when my little sister was born, I know, I’d love. I know that I love babies and children, I consider that babies and children are innocent, funny, and wonderful little people. I understood that can learn a lot from them by sharing a wonderful time with them. In my latest years of secondary, I started working as a nanny. My first job as a nanny started in 2017 for a long time. I was a childcare of two children, they are twings, they were three months old. I thought that I couldn´t work with them so it was a great challenge, I helped their mom with them. I prepared bottle, bathed, changed diapers, time burped, feed them with a spoon and fork, we used to go picnic to the park with them. We stimuled them since little. I love them, sometimes I help sometimes them with their homework. I help the mom with the 1st year birthday party. I loved it!! This made my happy!! I currently am in touch with them. This experience was for me the best one! Then my second experience as a nanny was 2019. I childcare of two children Felipe (3 years old) and Leonor (18 month old). They not watched tv their parents have not televisión in any room the house. This was a other challenge for me. The children had a very imagination. I love it! I was charged to wake up, changed diapers, prepare to breakfast and lunch for them. They had a healthy diet, I usually prepare food with floor intregal, sugarfree and not process food. I playing different games with them. We played outdoors, jumped in the trampoline, rided a our bikes, walked in the neigboard, We in the green or could day played with toys, they were much games for stimulated their imagination for example, legos, puzzle. We usually job the heart in their vegetable pots, watered the plants of the garden, I help Leonor with potty training, she is an independent girl! I usually invented funny historys for them, we played in the swing, I learned different forms to educate the children their parents! Then the 1-year work whit them, they moved in the country Chile, I was very happy with this work! I miss so much they! Then this experience I worked as a nanny with one baby Lorenzo ( 7 months old). I was a charge to changed diapers, feeded with a spoon and fork, time burped, and stimulated him. I prepare to bottle in the morning. I walk in the neighbored with him in the stroller, I sometimes helped your mom with homework. I sometimes stimulated him with songs for babies. He was a calm child, when he listed to his favorite song, he was very happy! This work only was sometimes months! I also was a party birthday Lorenzo, I felt makes happy! I thought to a first words, he said “mom”! I did not work more time with him, because your mom decided goes in kindergarten. Regardin my other work after to work as a nanny also, I occasionally worked in the kitchen of Argentina restaurant and cleaned domestic in the summer 2019/2020. Then when started the pandemic I can´t jobs more in this Works! Then a long time unemployed. I start work in the September 2020. When I start again as a nanny. I was a very happy! Currently, this my current work. I am nanny the 3 children Fransico (9 years old), Clara (8 years old) and Manu ( currently have 2 years old). I work in the afternoon, sometimes weekends and evening. I prepare snacks for them and dinner. We enjoy playing outdooors, jumping in the trampoline, swimming in the pool, riding a bike, walking in the neigborhood. They really like all activities outdoors. I am a charge, I changer diapers to Manu, bath to three children with Manu plays in the bathroom we make bubbles, but Clara and Fransico I help to search their clothes and prepare bathroom. We usally watching some movie or serie, but their parents not want that they spend time watching tv with their pone or laptop. Their parents always say me that I set limits when to be necessary. I usually childcare of children in the evening I sleep in their house, we prepare popcorn and ice cream watching tv! They love this! I am a charge make sleep Manu, he is a and naughty kid. Currently I help with potty training Manu this a very difficult because he not want sit in the toilette but I try that he do it. I am very happy and glad with this work! Their parents always say me that feel with my predisposition with children and as I am with the children! At the same time in September 2020, I worked as a nanny the cousins of these children for 15 days. They are Pedro (9 years old), Julia (4 years old), and Rosario (currently have 2 years old). I worked with them in the morning, I was a charged wake-up, prepared breakfast and lunch, changed diapers, prepare bottle and sometimes I cleaned their home. They live in an apartament we played indoors, we played with toys to them. Pedro played video games, with Julia and Rosario sometimes paint, cooking, and watching tv! I helped with their homework, this was a short experience but I like to know to them. I am currently in touch with them. Sometimes I childcare to them. About my work for the summer 2020/2021 I worked in an aquatic park as a cheendeler. I was a charge of the mechanic games, kermesse games, games with balls or hoops. I usually make to danced to children and families, I am charge that the children not bump and childcare to them. I worked for two months, this experience open doors for me! I childcared of children since two years old until 13 years old. The jobs were rotative post, sometimes I was a charge to slide check that the children had not any accident or problem. I currently two Works as a nanny with differents families, in the afternoon I childcare of Francisco, Clara, and Manu but in the morning I childcare one children India (3 years old) I am a charge only play whit her. Because her mom is in the house. Her parents want that I only distracted India because she is a very demandant girl, she is the only daughter. We go in the river and ride a bike, paint, play with dough, play in the garden, go picnic, practice yoga, I sometimes prepare breakfast for her. I theach the colours, numers or letters to her. Sometimes when she want I help her with some activities. I started childcare her from March to this year. I sometimes dealing with tantrums to her but I can solve them. Their parents say me that I can set limits to her. Because they are learn as dealing with her character. This is a new experince and challenge for my, but I make happy, I love her! She is a little naughty! In relation to the program the Au pair, I started my process in April 2020, yes in between to pandemic, I was unemployed and studied the virtual form. I was searched a new experience that challenge my life, one day a friend sayed me, “ you know the program the Au pair”? I not know nothing about this program, I started searching information, I Reading a lot informations, then I thing that I can make, it is perfect for me. After if check information with girls that was au pair, I talk to my parents about this, I was really decided to make. My parents in principle have afraid, then my mom talk to one mom a girl that is au pair. Then they call me for talk better about the program when they supported me! I was happy, so happy I can´t describe in words. After this I communicated with business, to start my process as au pair, my parents were very happy with my decisión, they talked with my big family about my Project, all of them supported me. My family organiced sale the typical argentinian food for helped to pay for my tryp. I am grateful to all my family. My grandparents, clouds, cousins, my parents, my brother. I am a girl to media class, but I want to better for my life and I work much for my dreams. I know that will a beautiful and amazing opportunity for me. I would tobe as an au pair because I like improv my English and speaking, Also I learns about others cultures, working with children, I love it! I am very excited about this program! Bye bye family, thanks for reading my profile! Noelia Gimenez.

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