• Pre Selected

    Weekly Stipend A min. of $195.75
    Application Fee $350
    Childcare Protection Guarantee
    24/7 Customer Support
  • Professional

    Weekly Stipend A min. of $225
    Application Fee $350 Free
    Childcare Protection Guarantee
    24/7 Customer Support


  • Pre-Match Discount


  • Switching Agencies

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  • Repeat Family

    We appreciate our host families and strive to support them in every aspect of their program participation. Please accept this reward as a “thank you” for continuing to trust us as your program sponsor!

    Reward Details
    Application Fee: Waived ($350 value)
    Discount: $500
    Who Qualifies? Current host families who have been active with our agency within the past 12-months.

  • What are Pre Selected Au Pairs?

    Some families come to us with a potential candidate who is not currently working with Au Pair International. These families qualify for our special Pre-Selected Au Pair rate.

  • Can I extend my program?

    You may now extend your program with your current au pair for 6, 9 or 12 additional months. To extend your current au pair’s stay, please contact your Regional Director.

  • How long are your contracts?

    Au pairs come to the US on a 12 month J-1 Visa.

  • Do you have any payment plans?

    We are proud to offer families the best payment plan available. Our EasyStart Payment Plan allows you to provide the best care for your children and pay the program fee in low installments

  • What is Weekly Stipend?

    The minimum weekly stipend is established based on a formula which calculates the federal minimum wage less an allowance for room and board. The current stipend for the Au Pair Program is $195.75 per week. The stipend is paid to the au pair weekly.

  • Have more questions?

    Our support team is available 24/7. If you are interested in finding out more about the program details, please contact us.

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