Priscila Urbanski

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 11/21/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear family,
My name is Priscila Urbanski, I am 24 years old and I live in Argentina. I was born and raised in a small city called San Justo. My family is make up of my parents, Sandra and Antonio, and my two brothers, Alan and Emanuel.
As we grew up, one by one my brothers and I moved to the city to start university. Alan is the older brother and he studied accountancy in Santa Fe, which is 100 km from San Justo. Nowadays, he is back in San Justo and has his own house. Emanuel, the middle brother, studied veterinary science in Esperanza, which is also 100 km from our city, and has just graduated. Regarding myself, I also moved to Santa Fe and studied to become a Special Education teacher specialized in intellectual disability. I graduated on December 15, 2017. During the six years that I lived in Santa Fe, I learnt to be autonomous and independent, to cook, clean, use the bus and administer the money my parents gave me.
Like I said, I'm a special education teacher. The special teacher, wen work in schools, has to help the regular teacher to adapt activities for children with disability. Also helps these children with homework and she teach them to improve in those areas were they have some difficulties.
Me, as a special education teacher, work at special and regular school, day centers and homes helping people with disability. There I teach them vital things to deal with daily life.
Also, I feed them, give medication, heal their wounds. Apart from that, I brush their teeth and take them bed.
I have to be in contact with other professionals in order to be able to help them better and keep them health and alive.
Nowadays, I am back in Santa Fe to continue my professional formation. In 2019, I started a 2-years postgraduate course on early childhood intervention and stimulation. The course focuses on working with children aged 0-3 with typical as well as delayed development. It takes place on Saturdays every 15 days. During weekdays, I go back to San Justo since I work there. I am currently working in an office with children who have learning difficulties or intellectual disability as well as in schools and kindergartens. Furthermore, I work in a club teaching roller skating to girls aged 4-13 years old. I as well practice this sport in Santa Fe city. I consider myself an active person who always puts enthusiasm and effort in what I do and in my objectives.
To describe my family a bit, my mother is a primary school teacher and my dad fixes household appliances. They have been divorced for over 12 years now. Even though I live with my mother, my father also lives in San Justo and I see him almost every day. Both my parents are caring people and they have taught us to be responsible and empathic as well as the value of study and work.
I really enjoy being in San Justo and Santa Fe since I have friends in both cities. They may be only few friends, but they are genuine and I cherish them a lot. When we hang out, we generally play board games while drinking mate, go to the park or the coast, watch movies, chat and go out to bars or the disco (although this is not very frequent).
Something that I love are pets. At home, we used to have a dog called Goliat. It was a great companion and a sweet dog. Unfortunately, in 2018, Goliat died because it was old and sick. Also, I had a beautiful and fun bunny called Bigotes for near 4 years. We spent a lot of time together and I would take Bigotes with me everywhere I went. Bigotes passed away in mid-2019 because of an intoxication that we couldn’t treat on time. The loss was painful because pets are important to me and specially Bigotes that used to live with me in Santa Fe. Now, I was hoping to get a new dog, but I decided to postpone the idea due to my wishes to become an Au Pair and the unrest I would feel having to leave the pet for so long.
As far as my working experience concerns, during some part of 2017-2018, I worked as a babysitter taking care of a one-year-old girl called Angela, who I used to call Angelita. It was a wonderful experience because I do care for children. We played sensory games, sang and danced. I had a great relationship with the family, they trusted me and I did my job with love and commitment. My job was to pick up Angela from kindergarten and take her home by taxi (I didn’t have a car of my own in Santa Fe). Once there, she would take a nap or we would play games, do activities and have a snack. I would also change her diapers, monitor/help her with the personal hygiene, and offer scaffolding in her learning of the language and psychomotor activities.
I enjoy working with children since I have a lot of fun with them and I admire their spontaneity, their way of seeing the world, the love they always transmit and their joy. I believe that in every interaction, whether it regards a child or an adult, we always learn new things. As an Au Pair, I would be willing to work with disabled children, support the family, build a good bond with the members, and share as well as acquire new knowledge.
In 2017, I had the opportunity to assist in equine therapy, where disabled children perform activities riding a horse. In the future, once I finish my postgraduate studies, I plan to take a training course on equine therapy to be able to work in that field. I am also planning to study therapeutic accompaniment, and to finish the Argentine Sign Language course I am already taking.
Furthermore, in 2017 I was a volunteer in a children hospital in a program called “Mamá Sustituta” (substitute mom). The program consisted in meeting children’s needs as well as their families’, such as providing them with clothing and hygiene products, and organizing the supplies in a particular room.
Another enriching experience I have had was working in a home for disabled people. Nowadays, I still work there whenever they need staff and I am available. My role is to provide medication, help people with the feeding, wash their teeth, and engage them in activities that foster their autonomy, e.g. cooking and going out for a walk. In general, they are adult people with little autonomy and independence.
When I first discovered the Au Pair program, I didn’t hesitate to consult because I really enjoy working and spending time with children. I consider myself to be at the right time in my life and with the necessary maturity and knowledge to carry out this work the best way possible. The idea of living this experience excites me. I wish to leave a good mark on children and the host family since I have no doubt that they will mark me forever as well.
Regarding my future host family, I hope to build with them the same trust and good communication I have with Angela’s parents, who can be happy and calm whenever she’s with me. Also, I hope to spend a nice time together and that they are respectful, loving and patient with me, just as I am going to be towards them. Finally, I hope I can treat them as my parents (my “American parents”) and that they can treat me as their daughter.
I have great expectations regarding this travel. I am looking forward to the moment I get to meet my host family and my new town/city. And I hope I can meet their expectations and be remembered as a good au pair who used to be part of their lives. Hopefully, this letter will help you to gain an idea of who I am and what my life is like. Maybe we see each other soon.

Thanks for reading my letter!

Urbanski, Priscila

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