Radalliyah Mphepo

Home Country: Zimbabwe
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 9/26/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family

Hello, I hope this letter finds you and your family well. My name is Radalliyah Mphepo also known as Rada in short. I am 23 years old born on the 22nd of November 1997. I am a final year, final semester student at a local University in Zimbabwe studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies and completing my Degree in mid-September 2021.I am a very loving and happy fun person who enjoys spending time with people and having fun as well as learning new things in the process. I am the first born in our family with 3 younger siblings, all boys; Ramanov Mphepo 19 years, Rashaine and Ranulph Mphepo both 9months old. My parents are Jasen and Sandra Mphepo. I am a Zimbabwean national who stays in a gated community called Aspindale park in the capital city of Harare. I attained my driver’s license in 2019 and l am an experienced driver as l have the privilege to use our family vehicles for day to day running’s.
My childcare experience has been acquired through part time babysitting and working at a day care center during weekends and school breaks. I have enjoyed my years of spending time with children as well as learning from them, getting to enjoy their company and being part of their growth. As a babysitter I worked with under 2year olds and one of them was Miss Janelle. I started taking care of her when she was 6 months till she was 2 years old. My duties included preparing her formula bottles, feeding, changing diapers, preparing baths and bathing her, transitioning to solids, preparing, storing and feeding her, teaching her how to use utensils like spoons, fork and knife, potty-training and making sure that l track and set reminders for her vaccination and paediatrician appointments. I looked after her 3 days a week for daytime babysitting from 9am-1pm and sometimes night-time babysitting would be from 6pm -10pm and this was 5hours a day. In a week I would have done 15hours of babysitting.
I have also worked as a baby sitter for children older than 2 years. My duties included picking them up from day-care, setting up healthy menus, preparing lunch, helping with home-works as well as school projects and teaching them other extra curriculum activities such as dance, drama, swimming, taking walks and spending time in the park and giving evening baths. I would babysit from 1pm-6pm which was 6 hours a day for 4 days in a week. In a week I would babysit for 20hours.
I have worked at a day-care center called Tots Academy as an assistant teacher. My duties included preparing class schedules, teaching on the following; computer literacy, colors, shapes, numbers, animals, bathing and self-care, safety, health, hygiene and children’s rights and responsibilities, potty-training, reading and writing to mention just a few. I worked with ages ranging from 2, 3 and 4years old. As a day-care assistant teacher I worked 5 days a week from 8am-12pm thus 5 hours a day and in the 4 months’ l acquired 425 hours of experience.
I have experience in taking care of children with special needs as l was privileged to care of Mr Marcus a 5-year-old living with disability. Having parents who migrated to South Africa to seek greener pastures Marcus was left behind with her old grandmother and 19year old sister who works at a supermarket and can hardly get time to assist Marcus with extra writing, reading exercises as well as homework, I took it upon myself as a neighbor experienced in childcare to assist Marcus. I would do homework with him, prepare his lunch, play self-confidence building games and help him to practice his reading and writing skills.


Furthermore, the experience of having parents who have demanding jobs that require them to travel in and out of the country leaves my day to day life predominantly focused around my youngest twin siblings who are 9 months old. I feed my siblings and give them baths and prepare them for their morning naps. I do a little studying while the boys are asleep and when they wake up we have playtime and I give them some milk. Around lunch-time I prepare their afternoon lunch and feed them then prepare them for their afternoon nap and carry on with some studying when the boys wake up which is sometimes around 3pm we take a walk in the complex and go back home for our evening bath and have our dinner. Around 6 pm I start preparing dinner for my family and prepare the boys for bedtime. When my siblings are asleep I study a bit more before sleeping and prepare for the next day.

Staying in Harare most of my life I have always had a passion to see the other side of the world, to learn new cultures traditions and different ways of life hence l having been part of a cultural exchange project that has taken me to Sweden and Norway. Applying for this au-pair program will take me a step further exploring the world whilst l also full fill my passion of taking care of children, grooming, mentoring them and watching them as they grow to be powerful and assertive beings. My motivation to become an Au-Pair also comes from the need to diversify my knowledge and skills when it comes to taking care of children. My career goals include focusing my work on ensuring that the health needs and wants of children all around the world are met.
I am very happy to be writing this letter to you and I hope you have gotten to know a little more about me. I am willing to answer any further questions that you may have for me and I am looking forward to meeting you very soon, but for now take care, stay safe and see you soon.

Yours Sincerely
Radalliyah Mphepo

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