Rosalia A.

Home Country: Brazil
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 11/22/23 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,

My name is Rosália (but you can call me Rosa) and I’m 26 years old (I’ll turn 27 in November). I was born in Sorocaba city, state of São Paulo – Brazil. My city is known, among many other things, for the Ophthalmologic Hospital called BOS, which is the hospital that most transplants and captures corneas in Latin America, which makes me very proud since I am an organ donor through it.

However, I’m currently living in San Antonio (TX). But I’ve also lived in Clarksville (near Nashville – TN)… I just moved with my host family. This is the family I’ve been with since I arrived in US almost 9 months ago.

San Antonio is a big city, so it is my city in Brazil. In Brazil I didn’t had my own car so I’ve been driving my brother’s car there, but it was rare. But here in US my work as an au pair and personal activities demands a lot of driving, so I’ve been driving a lot. Although when I was still in Brazil I didn’t drive very often, now I consider myself a strong driver since I drive here practically every day. I take my host kid to school, therapy, play dates and any other activity she needs, and I also do some driving for my own particular needs. Another reason that I consider myself a strong driver is that it has occurred to me to drive in several adverse situations here in the US, such as: with ice on the road, fog, extremely heavy rain, at night, etc… I have also driven in all road types, from city streets to highways. By the way, recently when I moved with my current family here to Texas, I drove my car across three states (half Tennessee, Arkansas and half Texas) and I recently took a trip with some friends that I also drove across three states (this time Nevada, Utah and Arizona). And last but not least: I’ve had my license from Brazil for 6 and a half years now, and the US one for 7 months, and I’ve never been involved in an accident and/or got a ticket (neither here, nor in Brazil). So I consider myself a really safe driver.

Back in Brazil I was living with my mother Diana (56), my brother Guilherme (30) and my dog Lisa (12), and I also have an older brother named Hugo (32), but he currently lives with his wife. My family usually describes me as an open-minded, respectful, responsible, patient, fun and loving person… But I would like to add: Feminist and against any kind of prejudice. My mother works as a gatekeeper, Guilherme as a business bus driver, and Hugo has a degree in Modern Languages and works as an English teacher.

I have a great relationship with my mom and we’re really good friends. She has a great sense of humor and because of her name she loves to say that she’s Diana Princess of Wales or Diana Princess of Themyscira (Wonder Woman). My brother Guilherme is the typical Brazilian who loves barbecue, Hugo is very intelligent and Lisa is the calmest, most affectionate and cute dog you could ever meet.

By the way, the reason why I’m extending the au pair program for another year is because I have had a great experience so far, but I still feel that I have many good opportunities and that I can still learn a lot in this country. I’ve fulfilled many dreams already, but I still have many places I want to travel to, I can still improve even more my English skills, and also, I can continue to help to care for and develop, which for any family would be their greatest treasure: their children.

About my experiences with children: I have already been an au pair before in 2019 and took care of baby Asher from 2 until almost 6 months old. Currently I’m taking care of Brynn, a 10 year old girl, and besides taking care of Asher and Brynn, I’ve worked as a nanny in Brazil. I took care of baby Samuel from his 8 until 11 months old and Mariana from 4 until 6 years old.

In my time with kids I’ve been responsible for preparing the bottle, sometimes preparing lunch, dinner or snacks, feed them, brush their teeth, change clothes and diapers, bath, fix their hair, help with homework, tidy their room and toys, take them to bed, wash their clothes, driving to activities, and anything else they might need. But my favorite part is to create fun activities, like: ride a bike, go to parks or playgrounds, do some arts and crafts or drawings, artistic make up, wear costumes, play games (like video games, hopscotch, hide and seek, tag, etc), assemble puzzles, play with modelling clay and toys, watch cartoons and a lot of other things. I understand that caring for children’s fun is a very important topic for their development and to make sure that they will have a great childhood, but it’s also important to always care for their hygiene, safety, to give them love, and teach them what is right and wrong to grow and become great people, and it will not be any different with my next future host children, but for sure, always respecting parents values.

All experiences were amazing and I’ve been learning a lot! I think that because of these experiences I grew up as a human being, because seeing how children can be innocent, honest, free from prejudice and judgment inspires anyone to be better.

Now that you know about what I like to do with kids, I want to tell you how I spend my free time… And I like doing many things, such as: I watch all kinds of movies and series, read books, listen to music (my favorite music style is pop, so I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson), sing, go to the movies, museums, theater, malls, concerts and beach, go out to eat japanese, mexican and seafood, make some handmade stuff like draw, travel journal and crochet, outdoor activities like camp, hiking, biking, swim, have a picnic and practice extreme sports (so far I’ve only flown paragliding but I intend to do more – I have a goal to jump with a parachute in Hawaii, for example), TRAVEL (this is FOR SURE the thing that I most like to do!)… I’m interested in photography as well, so I really like to take a lot of pictures (especially on my trips), but that is something that I have just a little knowledge at the moment, but would like to learn more in the future. So as you can see I’m a very eclectic person and I really appreciate trying new things.

For the future, when I return to Brazil after my experience as an au pair, I would like to go to college to study Fashion, because even though this branch is not the main one I want to pursue a career in, I always think it’s important to have a college and also because knowledge is never enough… However, my focus will be on learning a few more languages and using my newly improved English in the US to become a flight attendant, as my biggest aspiration of all is to be able to spend my life exploring new places… Because, after all, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, and I always believe in mine.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed taking the time to know more about me and I can’t wait to hear from you soon, and hopefully become your next au pair and have an unforgettable year together.

Thank you so much!

Warm regards,

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