Rufaro Mhungu

Home Country: Zimbabwe
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 11/5/2022 (Extension)


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family.

Thank you for reading my letter.

My name is Rufaro Theresah Mhungu,most people call me "Smiles " because l am always smiling. I live in Harare,Zimbabwe with my parents,two brothers(Lungisani 11years old and Riley 5years old) and my nephew Tinotenda, 18years old.

My typical day begins at 5:30am with me preparing lunch boxes for my brothers for school. I then go to the gym from 6-7am. After workout l go home take a shower and start doing the house chores which involves cleaning up, laundry which l normally do 3times a week(Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). I have my breakfast at 9:30am and l start catching up on my tv shows. I start preparing lunch for the boys at 12pm as they finish school at 1pm. Set time for homework is 2:30pm and after homework is done l sign it off and get the boys to put their books in their bags. If I am on duty(rotate with my nephew Tinotenda)to help Lungisani with his soccer training l do that from 3:45pm-5pm and immediately after training l start preparing for supper. We usually have supper at 6:30am latest 7am. I like cooking but l can not bake though l would like to learn how to do so.I do the dishes and select Riley's school outfit for the following day and iron before l sleep. I normally take 1hour catching up on my social media and its light off at 9:30am.

My other house chores include grocery shopping, feeding our two lovely dogs and school runs if my mum is running late.

At church l am the head Sunday School teacher, l love inspiring and nurturing kids to see and believe more in themselves.

At work l was a child minder for the 14months-5year old age group and some of my responsibilities included feeding of babies,preparing milk,bathing, changing diapers,exercises,play dough activities, story telling and handicrafts. I managed to gain two years working experience and it has been a different experience altogether. This taught me a great deal of patience, how to love for kids that are not from within your immediate family and make them your family(remembering birthdays, little new milestones like learning to eat own their own,putting themselves to bed,crawling, walking).

Love comes naturally when you are a person filled with love of which l am. Kids are amazing, precious gifts,they are what and who they come in contact with therefore I always make sure that even on rainy days, l put a "smile".

I am responsible, hardworking, patient,
independent, think outside the box, adventurous, can relate well with kids,tolerant,prayerful, respectful and most importantly l am grateful and appreciative.

I recently finished my Higher National Diploma in Business Administration. Currently training at RedCross and l have completed my First Aid, Community Based Health, Advanced First Aid and now completing my Nurse aide module.

Being an au pair is going to be a life changing experience for me, for starters it will be the first time l leave my family, I will get the chance to experience new cultures and get to be part of a wonderful family. It will give room for me to grow. This will also be a good experience for you my future host family as you will get to know more about my Zimbabwean culture.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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