Saberah Sayeed

Home Country: South Africa
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 10/5/21 (COVID Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

My name is Saberah Sayeed, but I prefer if you call me Sabby or Berah! I'm 21 years old (I will be 22 on the 4th of June). It was always a great dream of mine to live and work in a foreign country, learning different cultures, meeting new people and such. I have dedicated so far 7 months of my free time volunteering at day cares to fulfill my desire to become an Au Pair in the USA because I think it's a beautiful and diverse country.
In the beginning, I started looking after my nephew, Ziyad (now it's usually after school) when he was born on September 14 of 2009. I always helped with changing his diaper, making his bottle, feeding him and also putting him to bed until as a 4th Grade 10 year old, I still see to him including his sister, Tasmira (been looking after her since August 30 of 2017), she's 2  years old now. That's when I found my love for kids, looking after them made me quite experience to share sometime with them. I have learnt to be more patient now than ever, I've gained skills during my time at the day care. I try to be as polite , creative and humorous with them. It is one of my dreams to come to America and I can combine it with a wonderful and interesting job: taking care of your children.
I began volunteering at a day care as a part-time teacher's assistant at Bev's Day Care and Pre-school, catering for children aged 2 to 6 years of age. I would help around with the kids cakss work, help them to go to the toilet, help during their lunchtime and putting them to nap. The day care consisted of 38 children at that time but I tended to each one at a time because children demand attention at times. The hours I have obtained at the day care is 990 hours. I have volunteered at a nursery as a part-time nursery assistant at Bright Sparks Educare, catering for children from 10 months to 3 years of age. From 10 months to 1 years, I assisted at times with feeding them food or their bottle, making them sleep, changing their nappy or clothes and playing with them as for the kids from 2 to 3 years I assisted with feeding the food, playing with them or giving them a kids activity to do and making them nap.
My family is mixed with both Muslim and Christian members. My father's family all are Muslims whereas my mother's family are part Muslim and part Christian's. I was raised following the Muslim teachings, however my preference is to be placed in a non-muslim family so that I can truly experience that cultural exchange! My dietary requirements are that I eat halaal meat, otherwise I favour vegetarian food. I have no problem with cooking non-halaal food for the children in my care.
In my family it consists of: My parents, Hamid Sayeed (who's 79 years) and Sakina Sayeed (who's 56 years); my two elder sisters, Zaheeda Sayeed (who's 32 years) and Shaakirah Sayeed (who's 24 years) and my elder brother, Jamal Sayeed (who's 28 years), and lastly I am the last born. I have a great relationship with both my parents and siblings.
I grew  up  in a  small  town  called Umzinto, it  is South  of KwaZulu-Natal  the province/state I live  in. I went  to  an  Islamic  school,  which  was  from  kindergarten to Grade  12,  in  Umzinto  called Umzinto Islamic  School;  I  successfully  completed  my  studies in  2015.  The  following  year, I moved to Durban to pursue  my  studies in Journalism  at  a college  called ICESA, though unsuccessfully  I  never  completed my studies  there,  the following  year in  2017  I  transferred to another college  called  Damelin  and  have been  there  since,  this is my final year.
Durban  is  known as the  “sunshine  city”  because  it’s  usually  always sunny  and  hot.  There’s  so  much to  do  in  Durban  and  you  can  never  get  lost  or  be  short  with  a  transport,  public  transport  is everywhere  in  Durban. What  I  personally  like  about  Durban  is  the  atmosphere, the food  and  friendly  people you  find  around, and  most  definitely  the beach.
I  am quite  creative  and  not  in a sense  of drawing  professionally  and  I  am  also  ambitious as  a young adult,  I  would  like  to  write  kids’  books  or  open  up  my  own bakery,  that’s  just  two  of  my  goals.  I’m also  sporty  but  I  enjoy  playing  baseball  (or  Rounder’s’,  as we  call  it)  more.  I  just  recently  began  riding a bike to  keep  up  on  my  active  life,  though  sadly  I  don’t  know  how  to  swim.  I  am  quite confident  with the  activities  I  have  mentioned above. I  don’t  have  any  problem  with  helping  with  light  household  chores,  I  am  a  clean freak.  I  like  cooking but  enjoy  baking  more,  and  I  would  love  to  taste  other foods, which we  don’t  have  in  South Africa.
Hospitality  is  what  I  wanted  to  study  but  I  did  not  know  if the  colleges  that  have  hospitality  actually have  a  separate  baking  course. Another  hobby  of  mine  is reading,  I  read  all  kinds  and  sorts  of books. I  am really  interested  in  adventure  and  historical  romance  books.  In  school  my  favourite  subject  was (and  still is)  English,  I  enjoyed  listening  to  poems and  reading  Othello  and  Julius  Caesar. One of  my  best  characteristics  is  my  tolerance. Nowadays  it’s  very  important  to  be  tolerant  because there  are  so  many  different  things happening  around  in  the  world  today. I  hope  that  I  am  the right  person  to  take  care  of your children and  I  look  forward  to  hearing  from  you soon. I am available  for any  questions  that  you  may  have  for  me  to  answer.

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