Shalom Leon Monsalve

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 20
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 12/16/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family
I hope you’re all having a great day. My name is Shalom León, I’m 19 years old, I live in Cali, Colombia, the capital of the salsa music. I currently live with my parents and my lovely cats, it’s really a great family. I hope you can give me this incredible opportunity now, I’ll begin by describing who I am.
I’ve done a few courses of photography and video editing, studied 4 semesters of typical colombian music and 3 semesters of topographic engeneering.
I consider myself like an artistic person. I love to paint and draw, I play the guitar, ukulele, bass, a little bit of piano and I sing even an anthem. I have been in 4 bands. I really think that I have an artistic vein. I’m not the best, but those are the things that I love to do, that is my little world and I enjoy it everytime like it was the first time.
I almost do everything in my house. I like to cook and I cook everyday for my family, they love my food. I really like to do different recipes and different desserts now and then. I clean and water the plants everyday. I like to take control of the house, after all, those are the 4 walls that I see everyday, its my home.
I’ve been a child entertainer, an ice cream seller, worked in a church, I've work in a few govermental elections, I have delivered flyers and Little things like that. The thing that I loved the most was being an enterteiner. I also worked as a teacher for first grade and kínder garden when I was in school and it is comforting to know that you teach brand new stuff to the kids and they show you so much love, to know all those personalities and that they also teach you. I believe that everyday you learn something new and with children you learn a lot: patience, gratitude, being kind, being respectful, and there’s a long list. I really like to interact with kids and to laugh with them. I've never seen my Jobs as something dificult, something that you have to fight with, I have skills and my jobs helped me to improve that as something that I can easily and with love do.
I had to do a lot of tasks while I was a children's entertainer and teacher. I had to set up different play stations depending on the age of the children ranging from 4 to 15 years. I painted their faces, played with them in the pool, indoor and outdoor places. We did a lot of handicrafts since is one of my favorite strategies, we painted a lot and created gifts or toys so they could enjoy later in their homes.
I accompanied them to lunch and from time to time we had to give classes or support the teacher in charge, we gave topics such as addition and subtraction, colors in English and others.
Working with many children at the same time and with different ages has been a challenge but always a lot of fun, playing the most of the time, dealing with tantrums and teach them. Each kid is so different, so always is a different game or a different activitie. Its like being a kid again.
Finally, I want to became an au pair because I love to travel and know new cultures and the best way to do it is including my experience in it, use it as a lever and improve it. I love my work with children, I really enjoy painting and playing with them. Teaching new things to them make me feel special. This will surely help me grow as a person and open new opportunities. I would like to improve my language and have a new stage in my life.
I hope we can meet and spend a real fun time, I expect that I can and teach you new things in the same way that I could learn from you. I want to extend my knowledge as long as I can. I have two older brothers but I hope to be a great bigger sister for your kids and to fit perfectly as a new member of your family.
With honesty and love,

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