Shogo Kitamura

Home Country: Japan
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear future my host family,

Greetings from Japan!
I wish this letter will be a precious for our first relationship!
My name is Shogo Kitamura and I’m 23 years old.
I’m from Fukuoka Japan. My city is very famous for a tourist resort.
Because we have delicious foods, and also we have a lot of hot springs.
Now, let me talk about my child care experiences.
When I was a high school student, I worked part-time at a daycare run by my aunt.
After that, I went to the night technical school and got a official childcare license while working for three years in a school child club in Tokyo. After getting the license, I worked for half a year in a children home. The school child club had 90 children and it was a lot of fun to work there! Meanwhile I was working at the centre I played outside with the children and in the playroom and taught them homework. What is very impressive is the soccer tournament in winter. I was coach in the team there.
We practiced together outside during the cold season and the tournament ended in placed 4th. The children encouraged each other in a team and showed a very moving game! I was very happy to see they figure grew up in the game!
Lastly, In Japan, men tend to be more reluctant to do housework and childcare, so I would like to learn the difference in US.
Since I can cook, I want to do my best as a man not only for power work and sports but also for housework! I have taught children how to play dodgebee so I would like to play with my host kids. It is safe because dodgebee is a very fun sport for children.
When playing and watching, I want to be careful about the safety of hostkids.

I have two brothers. They have been taking care of me since I was a child. I admired such kindness and I came to take care my cousins and children. That was the reason I became interested in childcare.
I like fashion so I would like to go to Fifth Avenue! I would like to see Tiffany's main store there! I would also like to shop with my favorite brand such as coach or Levi’s! Besides, I want to dress up, walk on Times Square and take photos.
I also want to eat authentic big hamburgers and hot dogs! I am hungry right now by writing this letter!


Shogo Kitamura

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