Tania Tanjani

Home Country: Zimbabwe
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 1/14/22


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family

My name is Tania Tanaka Tanjani. I'm 26 years old from Zimbabwe but currently staying in South Africa. Im number 2 in a family of 2girls which makes me the last born. I was raised by my single mother all my life and an aunt to 2 beautiful nieces and 1 nephew that I saw during childbirth up until now.

I love learning and experiencing more on life to become a better someone one day. I'm a Christian and attend to The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.

I'm so honest, kind, loving, attentive and trustworthy in everything I do. I believe that it  matters so much caring so for someone next to you because it creates a solid impact of a lifetime.

I love people, I remember back at home in Zimbabwe I was a girl child network leader in my community and by then I was 12 years old and I used to work with children of my age group from 1-9years that was a beautiful experience.

At age 18 I was selected to be the head leader in all age groups in my province. And by that time I would attend to child's care programs which included sharing love with the orphans in my community and all around the province.

I gained more love the time I worked with the children who did not have parents just sharing that love made a huge difference in my life and the love I got back from them meant the everything to me.

The time I became 18 I started working for non governmental organisations EG Midlands Aids Services Organisation that focused on every aspect and challenges anyone can come across,,, I later on was recognised with  certificates in the Behaviour Change program, Love and Respect and also in the department of HIV/AIDS. This was beautiful!

I later on finished my Secondary School and moved to South Africa at the age of 19 and that was when I explored the love I had for children.

My Childcare Experience
My first experience was with Linda a mom with 2 beautiful twin sisters Tia and Tamah. I worked for Lerato for a period of +-2years. By that time Tia and Tamah were 1 year 8months. She decided to take them to her mother since she became pregnant again it was becoming a lot on her hand. She gave birth to another set of twins. As I used to stay there I would start work at 8am -4pm that's when she was back from work.
Lerato lost her husband and life became hard for her. She moved back to her mom and that was how I stopped working there.

I work for Alice, a nurse who has a beautiful baby girl Olufuna 8 who is now 15months. I normally babysit her daughter during night shifts and up until now I take care of her from 5pm-3am  and I work with her 3-4 days a week which is which is 96-106 hrs a week.

My stay in South Africa is really a blessing, I stay in a community filled with joy and love in Centurion Oliven Gauteng province.  Where by whenever I'm free we go to the park and play netball and watch soccer. I have friends that I go out with for fun we cook together we go for fun painting and I really love it!

The reason I would love to become an Aupair is because I'm eager to learn more about different cultures, traveling the world and most importantly sharing and receiving love and becoming a part of a family to others. After my year abroad, I would like to remain in the childcare environment and get a position a position in a nursery.

I really appreciate this opportunity given to me. I really am looking forward to joining you soon and for any further questions an available at any time.


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