Tomas Giorgi

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 21
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 9/12/21 for Extension

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello, dear host family!

My name is Tomas Giorgi, I am 21 years old and I’m a law student from Argentina. I currently live in a beautiful small town in beautiful Colorado called Durango.
Back home I was a school support teacher and I worked as a babysitter for several years.

I consider myself to be outgoing, comprehensive, attentive and people-driven but I also really value my personal time since having time by myself is my way to recharge.

I consider my family as a very happy and present type of family, me and my siblings live with my mom, who is a very kindhearted and generous woman. She works for the Ministry of Justice of La Plata since she was really young and my siblings (Mateo & Pilar) are two amazing young kiddos and they are all my foundation in life.

I have always been amazed with new learnings but english as a second language was definitely one of my favorites and I focused a lot of my time around it and I started getting into the depths of American culture since I was really young.

I'm very grateful about being able to mix the family aspects and working at the same time, and I've been lucky enough to have come this far on my AuPair experience. I've learnt so much about so many things and I've grown so much as a person that my old little self would have never thought about this as his life! I got the opportunity to spend (as of right now) the last 8 months of my life in the US taking care of two amazing girls with a good family in a nice environment. I learned how to ski (and skied about 20 days of the season!), added new driving skills to my resume since I had to drive on snow, ice, rain, gravel, highways, uphill, downhill, etc. And I've also learned so much more about bonding with kids one-on-one and perfected ways of presenting myself as a role model, since I had the opportunity to look after multiple kids (including classmates of the girls, friends and relatives) so play dates, long days at the park and crazy new activities with them helped me become a better caregiver, for sure.

When it comes to childcare, I think that this experience fits me because I have taken care of my own siblings, cousins and family friends’ children since I was about fifteen/sixteen years old up to this day I have been taking care of children and teaching them around my home city as well.

I think that I have a special connection with children and it’s always been easy for me to bond with them because I try to see their uniqueness and I take my time to observe and listen to what they feel, think and want. I always try to have a real connection and I make the effort not to be only their babysitter but to be a friend or a big brother. I try to develop a safe, trusting environment where kids can feel comfortable with me and feel free to voice whatever is going through their minds and because of the vulnerability of their ages, I always try to teach them to know their worth and stay safe but also have fun and don’t miss out the beautiful things that childhood has, such as playing, learning new things and develop a healthy self-esteem and personality at the same time, which for me is crucial to achieve since we are really young in order to be happier in the future.

I'm now ready to move onto new things and find more amazing families around the US, I would like to connect with a family that is open-minded, understanding and loves the cultural exchange as much as I do (which means a lot since coming home to each other is a huge deal that people usually overlook).

I wanna feel comfortable enough to display my personality and work ethic in a safe, honest a non-judgmental environment so we can have fun, make great memories. I think that time, effort and respect will do everything else!

I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter and I hope to hearing from you soon!

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