Tomoka O.

Home Country: Japan
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 4/15/24 (Extending)


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear my future host family Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Firstly, please let me introduce myself. My name is Tomoka, 23 years old, and my name means friends and flowers in Japanese.  I come from a close family of four: my father, mother, and older sister, with whom I share a strong bond. In Japan, we enjoyed family lunches on weekends and participated in various fun activities. Before becoming an Au Pair, I pursued my childhood dream of working with children at a daycare. I studied childcare at a junior college, earning two Japanese childcare worker qualifications. My experiences include practical training at a daycare, kindergarten, and a facility for children with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of understanding children’s emotions beyond words. Since April 2021, I’ve worked as a teacher at two daycares, caring for children aged 3-6 and 0-3. My responsibilities involved ensuring their health and safety, engaging in various activities, and witnessing their daily growth, which I found immensely rewarding. Specifically, I helped them eat, sleep, and use the toilet, as well as change their diapers, create a comfortable living environment, think of activities they would enjoy, and play with them. I often went for a walk with them to the park, play indoors with mats and balls, and made crafts. I learned a lot of fun activities during my time at daycare. For example, in the park, we enjoyed various types of tags and playing on words such as “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?” And in a room, we enjoyed handmade bowling, fishing games, origami, which is a child’s amusement in which paper is folded into many different shapes, etc. I would be very happy if I could do these fun activities with your children.  As an Au Pair, I’ve been caring for two adorable girls, aged 3.5 years and 1 year. They’re very cute, sweet, and smart girls! My duties include preparing meals, diaper changes, outdoor activities, crafting, educational play, dropping off and picking up her from school, reading books, singing songs, bedtime routines, and more. My host family often praise me for being a professional of making crafts lol. And my host kid loves making crafts and she is very good. She is very focused and can make crafts for 6 year olds. My host family and I are having a great relationship. We often discuss what kind of environment we should provide for the children, I try to consult with them as soon as I have any questions. We often have dinner together and talk about the children, our own interests, travel, and other personal topics too. We’re having a great experiences, but My host family and I both wanted the second year to be a different experience than the first year, so we agreed that I would extend with another family. I miss them, but also I’m so excited to get a different Au pair adventure with new family and location! About my personality, I am very open-minded, smiley, respectful, responsible, kind, patient, organized, and creative. And on the other hand, I’m absentminded, which is my weakness. So, I keep trying to make it a habit to take notes on everything, and when I don’t understand something, I always ask someone about that as soon as possible. People tell me that I am friendly and good at listening. I like talking to people with different personalities and learning knowledge that I don’t know and opinions that differ from mine. I also like to entertain people, so I’m good at coming up with activities and crafts that people will enjoy! About my interests, I’m both indoor and outdoor person. Since staying here in Seattle, I have been fascinated by the natural beauty of the Unite States. I really like to go hiking and chill at the park or beach. Traveling is one of the main reasons I came to the states. I visited Oregon, California, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Florida during my first year. I look forward to discovering new attractions of America in my second year! At home, I love watching movies and TV shows, reading books. My favorite actor is Steve McQueen, the great escape which is the movie he is in is one of my most favorite movies. And my routine is to work out once every two days. I love being healthy!  In conclusion, I assure you that I am a trustworthy Au Pair who you can leave your children at ease, and they feel comfortable and fun with me. I promise to respect your children’s will and your parenting methods and house rules. I always respect children’s wishes, and when there is a problem, I try to find a solution by having enough conversations with them. I would like to help them spend every day happily and fully by going to various places and challenging new things. If they are interested in Japanese culture, I will be happy to share it with them. Thanks for the experience of the daycare, I have a lot of knowledge about child development, health, and disease. And I’ll try to continue to study childcare and make every effort to ensure that your children live safely, even after I started living with you. Below is a summary of my characteristics. I look forward to the possibility of becoming your Au Pair. Thank you for considering my application.

My profile

Extension will start on April 15th (12months extension)

Currently in Seattle, Washington

23 years old

Japanese and English speaker

•5000+ hours of childcare experience •2 years experience at the daycare in Japan

Infant qualified childcare certificate in Japan

Strong driver, WA license

Good swimmer

Fully vaccinated against COVID- 19


Non smoker

I’m allergic to cats




I am very open-minded, smiley, respectful, responsible, kind, patient, organized, and creative.

I want to be able to take care of your children, to laugh with them, to play and have fun together! I’m good at making crafts with children

I’d like to talk to any families regardless of the age of the children. Please contact me If you interested in or any questions about me

Sincerely Tomoka

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