Valentina Lopez Zavaleta

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 8/15/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family:
My name is Valentina Lopez Zavaleta, I’m 20 years old and I am from Argentina. I live with my family in La Plata, where I did my studies and where I also work. La Plata is a city with 740.369 inhabitants, located 58 kilometers from Buenos Aires. La Plata is the fourth city with most habitants in the whole country, people from all around the world come to this beautiful and unique city, mostly, for study. My family consists of my parents, Fabian Augusto Lopez Zavaleta (55 years old) and Ana Beatriz María Adamo (46 years old) my brother Juan Augusto (18 years old) and my little sister Violeta (14 years old). My father works in security information and my mother is a receptionist. As we live together and my parents work till the afternoon, they separate de households duties like cooking, arrange the room, clean the house, wash the kitchen, laundry and feed the pets, between my siblings and me. Also, a very important member of my family it's my cat. His name is Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. I rescued him the last year and I put him that name because he has similitudes with the book character and because I’m a big fan of Jane Austen.
I love to do sports or do activities outside, I enjoy playing football or volleyball tournaments with friends or with my family. Actually, I'm doing kung fu and some days I go running with my best friend Clara. In my free time I prefer to read or listen to music. My favorite book is Harry Potter and my favorite song is Blckbird from "The Beatles". I believe that I’m a creative, funny and passionate woman. I spend time with my friends, I go out to dinner, go to concerts or we go to the park and we drink mate in the afternoon. I enjoy staying with my family, visit my cousins, my uncles, and my grandparents. It’s confortoble to me be surrounded by lots of people, because I have a big family (I have 40 cousins and 20 uncles!) and I'm very talkative so I have friends of different ages but sometimes I prefer the loneliness, like read or listen music while I´m cooking. It's relaxing and fun. I also enjoy going to the theater or watch movies at home with popcorn and black coffee! As for my studies, I completed my primary and the secondary education at a private school except for my senior year that I finished at a state school because I needed a different perspective of life. I finished school in 2016, in City Bell a large town near to my house, and I started the University in La Plata in 2017 and I still studying journalism.
On the other hand, I really love spending time with children. At the age of 16 years old, I started been a babysitting but my siblings or my little cousins and just for couple of hours. When I was 17 years I took care, for the first time, a little baby. Her name is Guadalupe she is the daughter of my mother's friend. In that time she had 1 year and that little girl was gorgeous! She was lovely and always her hair was a mess because of the naps. Most of the time she was laughing like crazy or eating biscuits. I took care her till her third year and she was the first experience most scary and amazing of my entire life. She gave me this opportunity and, of course, also her mother. I was her nanny once or twice a week and, sometimes, the weekends till she started kindergarten. The second child that I babysitter was a young boy, called Juan Bautista and he was 4 years old. He was fulled of energy, was always running and climbing trees and singing the most catchy songs, invented by himself. He was always dancing and playing with his toys. With him, everything was easy, I didn't feel the pressure like when I take care of Guadalupe because it wasn't my first time caring a child and because he was a little bit older. I did take care him twice per week and sometimes the weekends till he started the primary school. Now I take care him when her mother needs me. Since 8 months, I take care two siblings once or twice per week, and most of the time the weekends. Anita (5 years old) is the older sister and Manu (4 years old) is her little brother. They have a really good friendship, are good at values, they share their things, they respect you and they said "Thank you ","Sorry" or "Please" and I remark this because my parents always told me that it's a different way of being a good person and I believe in that. It's very important and with this words, you can build a friendship. They live with her mother and I go to her house. The activities are almost the same every week because they have to go to school and we don't have much time so I tried to change the board games or the outside activities, at least, every week.
This gonna be the second time that I'm going to visit another country. My first time was last year, when I went to London alone for the very the first time. At beginning everything was I disaster but then turned out the best trip ever! I visited every place in London, I saw so many cultures mixed in one city, I make a lot of Friends, I laughed, I cried, and I loved every moment that I spent there and I really hope to do the same in USA. When I met the Au Pair program I was trying to find an adventure and I really think that I found it I met it thanks to internet, I was searching universities in London or in the United States and this program
came to me. It's my dream visit the USA since I'm 8 and I'm so happy because this is for me! I can look younger because of my age I know that, but I'm also responsible, smart, polite, more mature than the others young people of my age and, the most important, I want this with all of my heart. I think now it's the moment for doing this because I'm 20 years old, I do not have a couple, I don´t have big responsabilities, I'm in my third year of journalism and, to me, this makes you grew, in so many different ways. My dream is to visit all the countries in the world, first was London and if I´m lucky enough the next country will be The United States an amazing country with really good people!
Well, I say goodbye! I hope to hear from you soon.
All my love,
Valentina Lopez Zavaleta.

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