Vanessa D.

Home Country: Mexico
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 12/28/2022 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,

I am excited to take this opportunity of writing as i introduce myself to you.
I am a 25 year old lady named Vanessa Dzorani. I come from the motherland Africa, in a small beautiful country called Zimbabwe. I currently live in Harare, a city located in the heart of my country. It is also the Capital city and we call it the sunshine city.

I am an only child and i’m thankful for my cousins who have always filled the gap for as long as i can remember. I stay with my mum and my two cousin sisters Mercy and Tanya who are 21 and 11 years respectively. My mother is a Manager at First Capital Bank.

My first ever childcare journey started in 2014 December until August 2015. I looked after Hailey for 5 days a week. Each childcare session was around 8 hours a day. So I have about 1664 hours of childcare services for Hailey who was under 2 years old at this period. I started caring for her when she was 4 months. I would care for her during the day when her mum was working or sometimes resting. I was responsible for preparing her formula, feeding her, changing her diapers, burping her , putting her to sleep and playing with her. I would often go with her outside for a few minutes to just bond with nature.

In September 2015 i moved to China. I have worked in schools, homes and childcare centers while i was there. I once worked at a daycare Centre called 3Q. I was a full time childcare provider from February 2017 to January 2020. I worked there on week days 8-4pm. I have about 2400 hours of childcare at this centre. The children there were very little from 8 months to 3 years old. My duties included sharing their food, feeding those who would need help, reading stories, teaching them good manners, speech assessment, singing and dancing with them. I also taught them how to be self dependent when they go to the bathroom, hygiene and self care. Adding to that, i have been a teacher at different kindergartens and training schools there. At ABIE English i was teaching children aged 3 to 14. I taught English. I was responsible for making their lesson plans, arranging their monthly schedule, assessing their learning progress and organizing outdoor activities. I worked there for approximately 1124 hours. I returned from China to Zimbabwe in May 2020.

I describe myself as an optimistic individual. I believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I am very positive and i choose not to be discouraged by circumstances. Cheering others makes me happy. I love spreading positivity. I enjoy dancing to Afro music and i am quite good at it. I recently started yoga classes but although i’m still learning, i am becoming better each day. During my free time, i pick up garbage in my neighborhood. I love traveling and learning about new cultures. I believe if we were all stuck with the familiar, the world would be boring.

I have stayed in China while studying my Bachelor’s degree for almost 5 years. I used the chance to travel to Mongolia and Tibet. I have since visited traditional and modern places and all the famous cities like Beijing and Shanghai. I made lifetime memories while traveling and my Chinese speaking improved. I met people from different walks of life and different countries and it was amazing.

My city is developed and is an urban type. It is known for it’s smiling people. I stay in a low density area called Glennorah. People in my area “do not sleep”. You can walk at midnight and there will be people doing business, some outside playing and others simply walking around. It is however, peaceful.

I am currently working part time as a freelance Mandarin translator . If i’m not working, i wake up around 6:30 and clean the house, i make breakfast for everybody and we usually go out as a family to new places. If i am home, i read books, visit my friends, go to the market and relax. I also like reading global news during this time.

I love cultural diversity and it has been my wish to experience the way of American life first hand since it is totally different from mine. In the near future i would love to major in a Child development speciality. Understanding children from different parts of the world will make my research informative. I enjoy the company of children and from a young age it has been my passion to care for them. I also want to advance my English speaking skills and of course there’s no greater way to learn orally than being within the ones who speak it. USA has a lot of historical sites and beautiful places that i wish to visit. During my free-time in the USA i Intend to travel, make new friends and try new dishes. Spending a year in a different environment would be a lifetime experience.

If you have any further questions, i am more than happy to answer so please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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