Victoria Nienhuis

Home Country: South Africa
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 4/18/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host letter.

Dear Host letter.

My name is Victoria Frances Nienhuis, I am 24 years old, I am South African from my moms side and British and Dutch on my dads side. My moms name is Bridget Nienhuis, she owns a bakery called Bushmans River Mud Pies, which was named after one of the first little towns I lived in when I was a little girl! My dads name is Francis Nienhuis, he is a farmer, specifically a King Protea farmer which is South Africas national flower of which is so beautiful! The name of the farm is called mountain Rose, and he still lives there today! Its a huge farm, which I’ve been lucky enough to live on and explore! It even has its own mountain. I have two brothers Franki Nienhuis and Karl Nienhuis. They are both younger than me. My family is pretty big of which most of them live in The Netherlands, I try to visit as much as I possibly can!

Growing up I was the older sister, so from a young age Ive been watching over my younger brothers and taking care of them when needed. We have always been the adventure family, always going on hikes, bike rides, swims, fishing, horse riding and so on. I take great pride in my family and am very grateful to them, for they have helped me become the woman I am today. I do believe I am strong, independent and assertive. I am always willing to take on a new adventure.

From the age of three years old I started developing a passion for horse riding and carried on that dream. I rode for my Provence at the South African championships. Winning many of my classes. I enjoy team sports so riding as a team at the championships taught me a lot about teamwork and how important it is to work together to achieve the best. I am also a runner and have ran two half marathons, I plan on running my first full marathon sometime this year, with great determination I do believe it is possible! I enjoy swimming even though I was not the best in my heat, I still enjoy the sport. Fitness and health has always been of great importance to me.  My other hobbies include, reading, taking pictures to capture beautiful moments and writing.

At school I was always the one into all the sport and loved trying new sports. I did horse riding, athletics which include, high jump, long jump, long distance running and sprinting. I made the second team hockey which I thoroughly enjoyed! In high school I won the award for the sports woman of the year. Which I was humbled to have won as a horse rider! As far as academics are concerned I always took pride in projects and English literature. I enjoyed my time at school and made many good friends and still have contact with them to this day.

I have many hours with childcare experience, not only did I have younger siblings and relatives that I looked after, but from the age 12 I started giving horse rider lessons to children both younger and older than me. Helping children pursuing their dreams as horse riders made me very happy and I helped them where I could. Growing up I attended Church most Sundays and then started helping out at Sunday school, taking care of the children and helping with activities, whether they were outdoors, climbing the jungle gym or inside colouring in or learning about God. Ive always grown up with a Christian background and I’m very proud of that. I think my religion will always be important to me! When I was 16 years old I was confirmed at the Methodist church in my city. Over the years I still attend church and help out in the Youth department,  Sunday school and any other areas where help is needed such as going to orphanages and visiting the children or taking them out on fun activities! In Early 2018 I decided to take a gap year and work at our local church, going to bible studies and learning what it takes to run a modern church in todays age.

I love travelling and doing jobs while travelling as only helped me be able to see the world like I have. Have been to may different places in Europe such as The Netherlands where I visited my family numerous times and also worked as an apprentice in a very famous and well known bakery. In London I au paired and worked as a barista at a crepe cafe. I also travelled to Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and France and I have yet to see the rest of the world as it is a big dream of mine!

Towards the end of 2018 I decided I wanted to go and Au pair in a country other than my own. I first started my au pair journey abroad in Italy, looking after two boys of the age of 4 and 6. I learnt a lot about the culture and food in Italy. I then went down south to the beautiful Sicily, where I looked after a little girl aged 6,  with the most wonderful family. During my stay in Italy I taught the children basic English as it was a foreign language to them, I played with them when they got home from school and often read to them or took them for Gelato in the quaint little villages they lived in, which of course was both mine and the kids favourite activity to do! Au pairing in Italy was an incredible experience which I will most certainly never forget, and I know I’ll be able to visit the families again in the future. My au pair journey then took me on a trip to the United Kingdom, where I looked after two wonderful families, the first was in the country side a girl aged 14 and boy aged 9. This was an exciting experience as I was able to ride horses and go for runs in the forest. I then went to a family in the Great London, of which were half South African, the girl aged 14 and boy aged 12. I fetched them from school or took then to any extra after school activities, helped doing the housework, helped them with homework or sometimes did baby-sitting while the parents were out. Au pairing has not only taught me so much about the different families and their cultures but it has also taught me a lot about myself and I am so grateful for the experiences Ive had! Precious moments than money cannot buy.

My dreams and aspirations include to one day become a writer wether it be children stories or writing a biography. I dream of owning my very own vegan cafe as this is my lifestyle and something I feel very strongly for. i have experience in the kitchen thanks to mom, Ive been working for her and learning from her for many years now, baking cooking or whatever it may be, as she is a qualified chef. Hopefully I could also study something in fashion as well, Ive always been very creative by the way I dress and find fashion in general absolutely fascinating. My main objection in life, I must say is to make the ones around me smile and be happy, I do believe I can achieve this. If there is anything this world needs I think being kind to people and animals will get you very far.

In my conclusion, I must say that I am overly excited for the next great adventure. I believe I can bring a sense of authenticity to the next family I au pair for.I am passionate, caring, honest and always willing to learn new things.

Kind regards,
Victoria Frances Nienhuis

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