Yui H.

Home Country: Japan
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 5/9/2024 (Extension)


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family Hello! I’m Yui Hayashi. Thank you for visiting my page! I’d like to introduce myself. My hometown is in Hokkaido and my current occupation is a nursery teacher and had work at an English after school too. My personality is hard worker, easygoing and friendly. In the university, I was a beginner for the piano but, I had to come over it. I was struggling to do it so much but, I started from “Do Re Mi” then, finally I could play the hardest song for the final test because I had been practicing it every single day! Also, in the final grade in the junior high school, I’ve got a 3rd place when I participated in a English speech contest in my local area. I learned how to talk like an native speaker from YouTube and movies. On the speech contest day, I showed others my ability then, I’ve got a fabulous price, finally. I’m proud myself so much from this experience! As another personality, I’m friendly, have go-for-it attitude, willing to try new things. I started to talk to strangers then became friends who met at Udon noodles shop and a lake that can see Mt.Fuji. Additionally, I’ve tried so many active things so, if I’m in the country I’m eager to try them! I have 3 reasons why I want to try this au pair program. Firstly, I’m interested in intercultural exchanges since when I was 10 years old. I’ve been dreaming of to try the study abroad and stay at a family house. So, I’d like to spend the time with you guys as much as we could. Especially, I like cooking so, I’d like to learn and make an American foods and local meals! Secondly, this experiences will be helpful after my life. I only have Japanese education so, I’d like to introduce your way to take care of children. I think those are totally different things so, I’ll be flexible for you and your children! The final reason is, to live in USA. Many people visit there but, mostly they never lived in this country. Luckily, I found this program which can live in USA. Also, I’m curious what’s going on with my life in this country. I am so excited to spend time with you!! When I stay in USA, I’d like to try an American foods, have a conversation with local people, join an event and sightseeing. I’m foodie so, I’d like to try the real American foods. Speaking of American foods, they muse be huge and wild compared to Japanese ones so, I’m excited!! When the event day came, I’d like to enjoy an atmosphere and chatting with you guys and local people. When I have a day off, I’ll visit many places as much I could because I’m full of curiosity and diligent so, visit famous landmarks to not well-known places. Go to a museum, library, park, amusement park will be wonderful. I’m looking forward to meeting you sincerely! I hope we’ll have a wonderful year together:) Thank you so much for reaching! Best regards, Yui Hayashi

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