Yuina Kindaka

Home Country: Japan
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 6/16/2021


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear my future host family

Hello, I’m Yuina Kindaka. In advance, I want to say thank you for reading this and having interests in me! In this letter, I write the introduction of myself first, and I want to share the reason why I want to join Au pair in America. I really hope it will be helpful for you to know me well 🙂

I was born and raised in Osaka in Japan, and I became 23 years old on January in this year. I graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University of English Studies and I belonged to A cappella circle for 4 years. In my spare time, I like listening to music, singing a song, reading my favorite author’s novels and watching American movies or dramas and taking a good bath. Especially, I really love singing, so I want to sing along with children! I often go out with my friends for dinner, so I hope that I will make good friends in USA too!

The one of reasons why I want to be Au pair is to improve my English skills and gain a confidence on myself for my future career. I’ve been studying English for 7 years, and as I mentioned before, my major was English in college, so I really love studying it! Also, I’m interested in American culture and people, so I took a lot of class and studied them in English. However, as I study English, I’m getting feel I want to put myself in USA. I always feel studying English in Japan couldn’t be enough. I want to experience the cultural differences or the lifestyle of American people, and I want to expand my sense of values and views. I strongly believe that I can be more sophisticated person after the life in USA.

Learning English is not the only one, of course! I love taking care of children. My life has been always with children and babies. Even becoming a nurse was the one of my childhood dreams! I have siblings who are my older brother, Akira and 5 years younger sister, Runa. When I was a five years old, I had her, and I still remember how small and cute she was when my mother brought her in our house where I had waited so long at. In addition, since my grand mother and my parents is Christian, I went to a church on every Sunday, and I played with my friends or younger kids during adults were attended church service. I liked hanging out with them so much. These experiences in my childhood got me to learn taking care of children unconditionally.

For me loving English and children, Aupair program is the ideal I should go for.When I know about the program, I thought “This is it!”. After I decided to join Au pair, I started working at English Class which I can have both: Keep learning English with Children. I am so looking forward to staying America with my second family and I’m so excited to see you so much. Thank you for reading.


Yuina Kindaka

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