Yuki Okayasu

Home Country: Japan
Age: 22
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately


Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello, I’m Yuki Okayasu from Japan.

I’m 22 years old. I really like traveling abroad. I’ve been 8 country and I’ve been 4 times in the US. Also, I used to play sports when I was student. I played volleyball, running, hiking, swimming and so on. Sports makes me active so I like it. I sometimes go to music concert but it’s not often. I usually spend time with my mother on weekend. Family time is important to me because I’m not really like spend time alone.
I graduated college in 2020. I had taken English class and Spanish class and so on. I’m interested in English and Spanish and I want to learn both but I can't afford to learn two language at the same time so I want to concentrate studying English. If I will be able to speak basic English, I want to try to learn other language not only Spanish but other language. Now, I work at nursery school as helper.

The reason I want to work as an au pair is that I like kids since I was little and I want to be related to people who needs to help. It’s not only elderly but children. When I was a student, I became interested in au pairs through volunteering and interacting with children at my study abroad destination.

I have three main childcare experiences.
First of all, I have experience that I joined volunteer at nursery school and retirement home in New Zealand. When I went to New Zealand, I stayed host family’s home so I took care of host family’s children. They were 3 years old, 8years old and 10years old. I played game, sing, dance, and stuff like that with them after volunteer. I had eaten dinner every day with them. Also, I sometimes picked them up from school on foot. They had different age. Big children wanted to play game, run and like active exercise but smallest child could not obey a rule and she was difficult to understand complicated rule. That was really hard for me. While I was nearby smallest child, I let big children played in front of us and I had looked them carefully.

Second of all, my experience is my mother’s friend’s kid. My mother and the person have good relationships before I was born. when my grandmother got sick and she needed to help, she lived nearby our house so she used to come here and helped my grandmother. She helped my grandmother 3 or 4 days in a week. While she helped my grandmother, she got baby so I used to spend time with her kid. This routine was continued about three years until the kid entered kindergarten. Once a week, I took care of him by myself in a day so I had felt responsibility.
When he was newborn baby, he couldn’t speak and say his opinion but he became his own person since he was one years old. and he grows up he became picky about his outfit, meal and so on. It was a house, not a nursery school, so I didn't have to be so strict and I respected his opinion when raising children as much as possible because we have different values. I will follow your family’s rule and way of education but If possible, I don’t want to be strict aside from what children have to do.
I can change how to grow children up depending on the situation in home.

Finally, the most difficult child care is in nursery school.
I have to obey a rule. when I work at there, I sometimes cannot respect children’s opinion because they have to learn how to live together as a group. I have to let them wear outfit, change dampers, eat meal by following rule, even if they do not want to do. I learned that the most important thing is that we have them following a rule and brightening up children’s mood in there.
There are many difficult things to do, but it's fun to work in a very rewarding job in nursery school. I look forward to seeing children every time.

The reason I'm interested in child education is that when we become adult, we have different values and different how to live. I think this is related to environment when child grow up. In childhood, I believe it’s better that they have a lot of experience. it’s not only success but failure. We hope that children will learn different things by meeting more people and interacting with more cultures.

If I become your au pair, I want to have fun with your children while following your family's educational policies. I think fun is the most important thing in life.
Children are still immature and there are many things they don't understand. I think they have days when they are in a good mood and days when they are in a bad mood. I'm a human so I have a day I got tired, but I will relieve stress other than work and go out on weekends to cope with stress well. I don't like spending a lot of time alone, so if it's possible I would like to go out together on weekends and shopping and have a lot of experiences.
I have spent time in a share house abroad and in a host family's house. I think it's difficult to understand all of them each other, but if there is a problem, I would like to talk and solve it. I hate argument so I want to get good relationship with you guys.

Thank you so much for reading my letter.

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